Table of Contents

Kathy Cantley Ackerman The Ever Dulling Axe of Time
Katherine Barnes New Neighbor
Andrea Bates There Interposed a Fly
  Holy Saturday
Judith Benedetto In the Bath with George Harrison
Nicholas Bowden Home in Growing Season
  An Hour More or Less
  No Electric Instruments Allowed
  Lunch Hour Frame Narrative
Jenny Bowman Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits
  What the Hyeek
  “A Rose”
Brandon Capps Untitled
Jason Davis Ishmael
Deborah H. Doolittle Finches in a Live Oak
Matt Doyle El Dorado Romance
  Imperial Wal-Mart
Colleen Furr Twilight
Lisa Haddock Haiku in Spring
  Summer Haiku
Jennifer Hughes Migrant Winter
  Rio Sapo, El Salvador
  Minton’s Glebe, 1690
Banterbox H. Hymnal The Smell of Ham in Your Homespun Spam
Nancy King Black Marks
Genevieve Kissack Absence: the highest form of presence
Philip Krummrich Road Crew
  Watson Tells Holmes a Thing or Two
Betty J. Magill Widow’s Walk
James Meadows Japanese Haiku
G.S. Morris Some simple autumn impressions
  The Clinic
  Concerning a Daytime Owl
  In the snowglobe
  Guanajuato: The Lazarus Conceit
Carl Nery First Movement
  I Can’t Get Started
  33 1/3
  Upon a Flute Lying in Her Lap
E.V. Noechel Abduction
Adam O’Neal 200 Miles
Rob Ottrucker Confessions
Rodney Owen Benny on the Avenue
Daniel Parsons Autumn
  Deus ex Machina
  Western Morality
Sarah Belle Paulsi On Spring
  In the beginning there was not…
Melissa D. Richardson A Handful of Summer
  A Summer Up at the Big House
Maureen Sherbondy Honeysuckle (Lonicera Japonica)
Ben Snyder Julian Baptist
  Hunting Mastodon
  Blue Raspberry
  Adam’s Song
  Seraphim Rock
Nick Tillman Evaluation
  Wittgenstein’s Input
  I Can’t Decide
  Upon a Portrait
Katherine Wood Wolfe Serendipity
John Woodmansee Eighty-Three
  Old Alice