El Dorado Romance


What vision is this that runs through my mind,

Goes along, and then finally fades to black?

Daily, nightly, here and there,

Now and again, off and on.

What is this vision, this dream, this other-world?

Why does it follow me, why do I seek it?

Everywhere I see people telling me to find love,

Search it out and find it and make it mine.

Why should I quest for this,

And to what purpose is this means to an end?


To find the "Perfect" Mate seems to be the answer.

But has anyone ever found "The One" that didn't have faults?

But of course those faults are yours to correct.

This White Stag of relationships that we all search for,

Will it really grant the wishes we want?

This El Dorado of the heart,

Is it the City of Gold we really want to find?


In the end, is "perfection" really what we seek?

It seems more lessons are learned in the journey,

More lessons in the hard times of imperfection.

Even though her breasts may be dun,

Her eyes are nothing like the sun,

Her lips are not as red as coral,

Her cheeks hold no roses,

And she walks on the ground,

She'll still be mine in the end.


Matt Doyle