Simon and Garfunkel' s Greatest Hits


Simon sits at the plaza

In Barcelona

He spoke with a lisp


Simon said Emilia would come

That night She didn't.


Simon says

He feels desolate

And drowned

By the smoke; he is a smoker.

He says it gets in his eyes

And his beer.

It is like golden nectar .


He says the walks home are nice.

He lives on 59th street.


It must be silent so late at night

Only sounds of


And two feet


Pit- pat, pit- pat


Emilia came over the other night.

She Knocked three times

He finally let her in.

-She says he's like a rock.


She wanted to go to the fair

Some thyme


He'll probably stay home.

Simon told Emilia

He wouldn't mind if she stayed.


Simon loves Emilia.


In America they would survive.


Simon wants to stay.

Emilia will be distracted.

Simon says he doesn't understand


Says they are not in Mexico

Mexican is not a language.

Emilia has a lisp.


Simon writes the ends of books.

Says the beginnings are boring

The middles are discouraging.


Jenny Bowman