International Business

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in International Business may be earned from Campbell University. Our well-rounded curriculum provides a balance between the broad liberal arts and the business specialization sought by multinational corporations. Additionally, our students are grounded in one or more foreign languages, an in valuable asset in international business.

Program Overview

International Business  
Philosophy of Business BADM 300
Principles of Marketing BADM 313
Principles of Management BADM 331
Human Resources Management BADM 332
Business Communication BADM 336
Quantitatives Methods BADM 345
Business Policy BADM 368
International Business Internship BADM 390
International Management BADM 558
Global Marketing BADM 572
Study Abroad BADM 590
International Finance BADM 448
International Trade BADM 449

*If your native language is English, you are required to take 12 semester hours of foreign language electives and a 300-level foreign literature course.

*If your native language is not English, then you are required to take 15 semester hours of School of Business electives.

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