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The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business offers a variety of student clubs. Each club is geared towards relationship building, networking, and improving communication. The Business School’s clubs serve as forums where students with similar interests are joined together.

Accounting Club

As a member of the Accounting Club, students are introduced to the many service opportunities in the accounting field. Not only does the Accounting Club provide students a forum for networking and meeting other accounting majors, but through membership, students are also exposed to potential employment opportunities.

Adam Smith Club

Founded in 1977, the Adam Smith Club provides students a venue outside the classroom for learning more about markets and the morality of capitalism.

In his two major books, The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759) and An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776), Adam Smith provided the first comprehensive understanding of how people with divergent interests can come together to cooperate by satisfying each other’s interests. This insight is the foundation upon which modern day economic thought and theory are organized. Through lectures, a book club and other activities, students develop a more comprehensive understanding of the freedoms that are central to our republic and the responsibility that entails.  

Business Leaders of Tomorrow

The Business Leaders of Tomorrow Club seeks to promote new business concepts, diversity, and ethics in an ever-changing global environment. The BLT Club strives to build stronger leaders, stronger businesses, and stronger students. They uphold their mission by engaging in community service projects, lectures, and club outings.

Christian Business Initiative

The purpose of the Christian Business Initiative is to actively engage Christian students in both the Business School and Campbell University as a whole, and to support them in living out their faith.

Finance and Investing Club

The goal of the Finance and Investing Club is to promote financial literacy and to expose students to markets, investing, and other topics through hands on experience and discussion.

Healthcare Management Club

Healthcare Management Club aims to educate and expose students to the vast opportunities in the healthcare industry.

International Business Club

The mission of the International Business Club is to discuss and analyze the unique issues faced by managers involved in international business. The club also serves as a forum to locate internships and study abroad opportunities, as well as network with students, businesses, and organizations. The International Business Club fosters intercultural communication and global understanding.

Ladies and Gentleman in Leadership

Ladies and Gentleman in Leadership is a club built to create awareness for current topics, to develop the skills needed to succeed in our aspiring careers, to learn the trade and tools of business, and to achieve excellence in professionalism with a focus in leadership.

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club was established to serve the student population. As a member of the marketing club, you will be educated and exposed to a vast majority of opportunities that are presented in the marketing field and how this connects you with ALL majors. “Mission with a Vision” is the club’s motto, and this motto is represented well through the Marketing Club's efforts to serve other students as well as the local community. The Marketing club provides future opportunity through our networking of education, speakers, and last but not least, The American Marketing Association (AMA Raleigh).  We look forward to meeting you! Interested in learning more? Contact Chelsy Cox at [email protected].

Professional Golf Management Student Assocation (PGMSA)

The PGMSA serves as a communication link for all of its students. The objectives of the PGMSA are to promote the interests of the PGA Golf Management Program and to satisfy the needs of its members. Through involvement with the association, the students learn to excel in all areas; in the classroom, on the golf course, and in the community. Our pledge to our members is to achieve a greater unity while we acquire a better understanding of the golf industry.

Phi Beta Lambda

The mission of Phi Beta Lambda is to develop leadership, communication, and team skills. Members of Phi Beta Lambda are trained in networking at the local, state, and national level.

Social Entrepreneurship Club

The Social Entrepreneurship club emphasizes the importance of business by encouraging students to integrate their academic curriculum with social issues important to them from a business platform.

Trust Club

The Trust Club provides an outlet for students studying Trust and Wealth Management.  Students are given opportunities to network with one another and improve the necessary skill set for acquiring positions within the wealth management field.

Young Americans for Liberty

Young Americans for Liberty is an on campus organization that aims to promote ideas of liberty and free enterprise by informing students and professors about the political, economic, and personal liberty issues that are relevant today.


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