Politics, Law, and Economics Lecture Series

The Politics, Law, and Economics (PLE) Lecture Series began in 2005. It evolved from its previous incarnation, the Foundations in Rational Economic Education (FREE) Forum (1994-2004).

The PLE Lecture Series is designed to highlight the three institutions that must work in concert to support and defend a free civil society. Those institutions are good governance, the rule of law, and free markets. Like a barstool, all three of these legs must be in place and be strong if it is to support the weight of civil society.

Previous speakers include both public figures and academics. Some public figures who have spoken include: retired North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Robert Orr, syndicated author Amity Shlaes, Pope Center for Higher Education President Ms. Jane Shaw, libertarian columnist David Harsanyi, John Locke Foundation policy analyst Joseph Coletti, and Institute for Justice attorney Bert Gall

Academic speakers include: Dr. Bryan Caplan, Dr. Richard McKenzie, Dr. Bruce Yandle, Dr Alex Tabarrok, Dr. Larry Schweikart, Dr. David T. Beito, Professor Robert G. Natelson, Professor Andrew P. Morriss, and Professor Todd J. Zywicki.

The lectures are held either on our main campus in Buies Creek or at various public forms in Raleigh. They are funded through the private contributions of the Adam Smith Club’s Patrons and Supporters.

Lundy Chair lectures are open to the public and we've made a portion of a recent lecture available below. To see this lecture in its entirety and many others, visit our
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For upcoming lectures, follow us on Twitter, or visit the the Business School calendar.

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