Lundy Chair

" The free enterprise system is...the most productive and is also the most moral since it assumes as rights of the individual to possess the products of his labor, to exchange them for what he wants, to determine his own standard of living, and to consume what is his..."
-Burrows T. Lundy

The Lundy Chair of Business Philosophy at Campbell University was endowed in 1975 by Burrows T. Lundy, founder of Lundy Packing Company in Clinton, N.C. The Lundy Chair was one of the first Free Enterprise Chairs established in the United States. The purpose of the Lundy Chair is to promote the principles of free enterprise, individual liberty, and minimal government, not only on the campus of Campbell University, but in the community at large.

Responsibilities of the The Lundy Professor include teaching The Philosophy of Business (BADM 300) and advising the Adam Smith Club. In addition, the Lundy Professor is expected to publish in both the popular press and academic journals. Previous Lundy Chair holders include:

  • Dr. Derek K. Yonai, JD: 2003-2013
  • Dr. Roy Cordato: 1993-2000
  • Dr. William H. Peterson: 1977; 1988-1993
  • Dr. Eric Brodin: 1980-1988
  • Dr. Gary North:  1979
  • Dr. V. Orval Watts: 1975-1977


  • Lundy Chair
  • Campbell University
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