Course Descriptions

Required Courses

BADM 710 - Accounting for Decision Making
A course dealing with the use of accounting data for purposes of managerial control and decision-making. Topics covered include budgeting, standard costing, profit planning, and emerging approaches for measuring productivity, quality, and financial performance. Includes lecture, problem sets, and case studies. (3 credit hours)

BADM 724 - Economics for Managers
The course presents a balanced coverage of both micro- and macroeconomic concepts, theories, issues, problems, and policy alternatives pertinent to the United States in a global setting. Extensive case studies help to bridge the gap between theoretical rigor and practical “real-world” applications of political economy from managerial decision-making and policy makers’ perspectives. Prerequisite: Graduate standing (3 credit hours)

BADM 730 - Financial Management
A study of capital budgeting, financing, dividend, and working capital decisions. Topics include fundamentals of financial markets, valuation, shareholder-wealth maximization, financial statement analysis, cost of capital, asset pricing, hedging, entrepreneurial finance, and international financial issues. Case studies will supplement lectures, and a team project involving the development of a financial analysis of an actual venture/investment is required. (3 credit hours)

BADM 740 - Legal Environment of Business
A study of the legal environment of the firm. Emphasis is placed upon the legal system, the process by which laws are formulated and changed, and the type and forms of legal constraints imposed on firms. Consideration is also given to major legislation, court cases, and federal agency regulations which affect decisions. ( 3 credit hours)

BADM 742 – Business Ethics
In order to foster the highest legal and moral standards in everyday managerial decision-making, the course examines the intersection of laws and ethics in today’s business world. Through extensive use of role-playing scenarios and case studies, students are exposed to a wide variety of international law, contemporary and emerging business environments, and ethics and corporate social responsibility issues that draw comparisons between the legal system of the United States of America and other countries. (3 credit hours)

BADM 750 - Organizational Behavior
Based on a solid foundation of contemporary and classic scholarship, the course addresses organizational behavior theories and concepts in the context of current and emerging workplace realities. The course integrates organizational behavior, globalization, information technology, and ethics. (3 credit hours)

BADM 758 - Strategic Management
A capstone course for MBA students taught from the perspective of senior management. The course will integrate concepts, principles and practices and apply these to the strategic vision, objectives, crafting a strategy, strategy implementation, and evaluation techniques will be learned using case analyses, computer simulations, and oral case presentations. The course will apply strategic management tools to examine traditional and e-business competitive environments. Includes an examination of the leadership role managers play in developing sustainable competitive advantage. Emerging issues will also be addressed. (3 credit hours)

BADM 760 - Contemporary Management Science Techniques
Students are provided with a sound conceptual understanding of the role that management science plays in the decision-making process. Using a case/problem scenario approach, the course attempts to expose students to the application of a wide variety of quantitative techniques in management science. (3 credit hours)

BADM 770 - Marketing Management
A study of the role of marketing of goods and services through an analysis of organizational activities such as selection of the product mix, pricing, advertising and communications, marketing research, and channels of distribution. Environmental issues considered will include legal, social, ethical, cultural, ecological, and technical variables. Case studies along with individual and group projects will supplement class lectures. (3 credit hours)

Advanced Courses

BADM 732 - Management of Financial Institutions
An examination of financial decision-making by commercial banks and other financial institutions operating in the financial-services sector. Topics include the roles of financial institutions; management of challenges associated with such factors as interest-rate fluctuations, market risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk: performance analysis; strategy development; asset-liability management; global aspects of managing a financial institution; hedging; and securitization. Team project involving the preparation of a strategic plan for financial institution is required. (3 credit hours)

BADM 752 - Human Resource Management
This course addresses the human resource function as a key strategic function in successful organizations. The course recognizes the dynamic relationship between strategy, people, technology, and the processes that drive organizations. Key topic areas include: employment law, staffing, compensation, human resource development, and performance management. The course uses readings, lectures, class discussions, and application activities. The application activities will help students apply the concepts to their workplaces. The course prepares the student to participate in strategic business decisions on a global basis. (3 credit hours)

BADM 772 - Marketing Research
The methods, techniques, and procedures of acquiring, evaluating, and interpreting information for making marketing management decisions. Individual and group projects will illustrate the practical use of the tools utilized in research methodology. While the course has no stated prerequisites, it is expected that a student enrolling in this class has basic knowledge of regression analysis and analysis of variance. (3 credit hours)

BADM 708 - Special Topics
An in-depth study of current and emerging challenges facing functional area managers in corporations, not-for-profit institutions, and governmental agencies in a multi-cultural setting. Course content and topic may vary with each offering. (1-3 credit hours)

BADM 790 - Study Abroad
An experiential learning course which provides students with an exposure to an understanding of the distinctive characteristics of global versus domestic operations in foreign settings under the supervision of an appropriate faculty member.  Various functional areas of business are explored through various site visits and presentations in the selected foreign country or countries.  Appropriate background readings and assignments are required, along with the preparation of a paper relating to the experience as determined by the instructor.

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