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Your career opportunites can be enhanced with a Campbell Business Masters Degree, thanks to Campbell's reputation for quality education, entrepreneurial spirit, and ethical focus.  A masters from Campbell communicates to employers that you have skills in a breadth of busines disciplines. It means that you have honed your capacities for problem solving and leadership. These traits help you excel in the workplace and prepare you for advancement.

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Our Graduate Programs Bulletin provides detailed information about our Master of Business Administration and Master of Trust and Wealth Management programs, as well as information on academic policies and procedures.  We encourage you to review this document as well as the Graduate Programs section of our website to learn more about these exciting programs!

Master of Business Administration

If you are seeking to refine your abilities in the core business functions, then our MBA might be right for you. Although the program is fairly lock-step, that is, everyone takes the same courses, there are opportunities for tailoring the program to your needs. For instance, you may substitute a Study Abroad course for either the human resources or organizational behavior courses. There are also opportunities for independent studies which entail working with faculty members and businesses. 

Master of Trust and Wealth Management

If you are interested in jump starting a career in Trust and Wealth Management and you do not have a Trust undergraduate degree, then the MTWM (pronounced EM-TWIM) may be a viable choice for you. The MTWM degree is highly structured, leaving no room for course substitutions, but the education you earn is second to none. As an MTWM graduate, you gain access to our network of Trust and Wealth advisors and all that they offer.

Dual Degree Programs

If you are pursuing a graduate or professional degree from one of Campbell's "partner" schools, then you might consider our Dual Degree Programs. In these programs you can earn an advanced degree in an outside discipline, such as pharmacy or clinical research, along with an MBA within a comparatively short time. If you are working toward a JD at Campbell Law, you might consider either an MBA or an MTWM degree to complement the law degree. You can stand out in the job market place and perform at a high level at work with the combined advanced degrees.

We encourage you to explore our Graduate programs and contact us with any questions!

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