Our Student and Alumni Success

Patrick Danford is a senior Information Technology major from Cary, North Carolina who interned at IBM this past summer. There he worked with Web Sphere, JUnit, and became well-versed with provisioning software. Patrick has been part of Campbell University’s Varsity Soccer program all four years.

Yuri Grigoryev is majoring in both Computer Science and Mathematics and will be graduating next May. He is an officer for ROTC and is very active with the program. He once served as a recruiter for the US Army and this past summer attended a leadership conference in Olympia, Washington.

David Field is a National Merit Scholar studying Information Technology. He has spent time doing mission work in Uruguay and is fluent in multiple languages. This Fall he will compete in the Association for Computing Machinery annual Programming Contest held in University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill).

Scott Beaumont, 2003, started a business that primarily does software engineering projects for government customers.

Eric Bergemann, 2003, Lead Software Engineer at Paragon Application Systems, Inc.

Stephen Davidson, 1998, Mobile Response team at Duke University

Jesse Gariepy, 2004, USAF

Daniel Helm, 2008, Help desk support engineer at IMPAQ International

Rhiannon Rains Holloman, 2001, High School Mathematics Teacher

Phillip Mintac, 2008, Information Specialist in the National Guard

Lee Morris , 2003, Human Resource Assignment Officer for US Military

Adam Pridgen, 2007, Mathematics Teacher at Columbus County Schools

Adrian Seaver, 1999, works as a systems analyst for a Defense contractor. Duties are centered around modeling and simulation and analysis of air defense technologies.

Jeff Varnum, 2008, Software Engineer at Kraybill & Associates, Inc. (A nuclear energy facility.)

Eric Sherrer, 2009, is a software verification engineer at Inlet Technologies, Raleigh, NC.  He is also pursuing an MBA in Campbell University’s Lundy Fetterman School of Business.