BOC Pass Rates

The Curriculum

The Athletic Training Program is a two-fold program consisting of a curriculum portion and a clinical experience portion.  The total affect is to provide the necessary education to prepare students to qualify to take the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification Examination (BOC).  The BOC Exam certifies students as entry-level athletic trainers.  The Campbell Athletic Training Program boasts a 100 percent three-year aggregate passing rate on the BOC exam, with 100 percent of our graduates passing on the first attempt. * In fact, the ATP has had a 100 percent first-time passing rate for the last five years!

The curriculum aspect of the ATP is a didactic process to provide textual information.  This portion incorporates academic work for a specific and specialized knowledge base.  The clinical feature is designed as a two-tiered hands-on experience.  The first consists of structured clinical education.  The student will observe and perform clinical skills under the direct supervision of an athletic trainer and other allied health care professionals.  Over the course of their professional preparation, the ATP students will experience a variety of clinical assignments, including assignments with sports teams, general medical assignments, assignments with the different genders and assignments with a variety of populations.  In the fall of the junior and senior years, athletic training students enrolled in EXER 301 and EXER 405 Clinical Field Experiences III and V, return to campus early (before the official start date published on the University calendar) to participate in clinical experiences with fall athletic teams. Students, in cooperation with the clinical supervisors, are responsible for the health care of the athletes/patients at each assignment.  This provides practical application of learned skills in real time, real life situations.

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