Our Faculty

Dr. J. Dean Farmer (Chair and Assistant Professor) received his Ph.D. from Ohio University in 1999. He has been published in Southern States Communication Journal. He has given conference presentations at National Communication Association, Eastern Communication Association, Carolinas Communication Association, and at the International Conference of Learning and Teaching, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Professional career includes being a writer, producer, videographer, and editor in broadcast and non-broadcast television in video production. He teaches Organizational Communication, Communication Theory, Health Communication, Public Relations, Communication Internship, and Traditional Broadcasting courses.

Mr. Pete Kenny (Instructor) is a documentary filmmaker who is popular with students.  Professor Kenny oversees the Campbell Now! TV programs that he and Dr. Farmer created. Professor Kenny has spent much of his professional career making promotional films for missionaries and other non-profit groups.

Ms. Rebecca Soper (Adjunct Lecturer) has a Master of Arts from the University of Northern Colorado. She teaches Interpersonal Communication, Presentational Speaking, Communication Theory, Communication Internship, Small Group Communication and Public Relations.