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Campbell Universityís academic departments, courses, majors, and minors are organized into one college and five schools: the College of Arts and Sciences, the Norman A. Wiggins School of Law, the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business, the School of Education, the School of Pharmacy, and the Divinity School. Unless you are familiar with the organization of the University, the programs offered by the departments, and the courses associated with those programs, you may find it difficult to locate a particular course. To reduce that potential difficulty, the academic departments and the courses offered by those departments are listed in alphabetical order, not grouped by college or school.

The following list includes each undergraduate major and area of study offered by the University. Please note that descriptions of some academic programs (such as Criminal Justice) are included under an academic departmentís main listing (Government).

Advertising (See Mass Communication)
Applied Science (B.A.S.)
Athletic Training (AT) (See Exercise Science)
Biology with Teacher Licensure (9-12)
Biochemistry (See Biology & Chemistry)
Birth-Kindergarten (See Family and Consumer Sciences)
Business Administration
Child Development (See Family & Consumer Sciences)
Church Music (See Music)
Clinical Research
Comprehensive Music (See Music)
Computer Science (College of Arts and Sciences)
Computer Information Systems (Business School)
Criminal Justice (See Government)
Economics (Business School)
Education, Middle Grades (6-9)
Educational Studies (See Professional Education)
Social Studies/English Language Arts (Both required) (See Professional Education)
Education, Elementary (K-6) (See Professional Education)
Electronic Media (See Mass Communication)
Elementary Education with Teacher Licensure (See Professional Education)
English with Teacher Licensure (9-12)
English Pre-Law
Exercise and Sport Science (See Exercise Science)
Environmental Science (Minor only, See Biology)
Family Studies (See Family & Consumer Sciences)
Family & Consumer Sciences
Fitness/Wellness Management (See Exercise Science)
French (See Foreign Language)
French with Teacher Licensure (K-12) (See Foreign Language)
French Language & Literature (See Foreign Language)
Government Pre-Law
Graphic Design (See Art)
Greek (Course descriptions only, See Foreign Language)
Health Science (B.H.S.)
History with Teacher Licensure (9-12)
History Pre-Law
Home Economics Teacher Licensure (7-12) (See Family & Consumer Sciences)
Honors Program
International Studies (See Government)
International Business (See Business Administration)
Kinesiology (See Exercise Science)
Journalism (See Mass Communication)
Latin (Course descriptions only, See Foreign Language)
Mass Communication (Generalist) (See Mass Communication)
Mathematics with Teacher Licensure (9-12)
Military Science (See Special Programs)
Music Education (Instrumental) Includes Teacher Licensure (K-12)
Music Education (Vocal-Key board) Includes Teacher Licensure (K-12)
Music Theory and Composition
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Physics (See Chemistry)
Physical Education (PE) (See Exercise Science)
Piano Pedagogy (See Music)
Professional Golf Management
Pre-Dental (See Biology)
Pre-Engineering (Two-year)
Pre-Medical (including Pre-PA) (See Biology)
Pre-Pharmacy (Two-year) (See Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Pre-Physical Therapy (See Biology)
Pre-Veterinary (See Biology)
Public Relations (See Mass Communication)
Public Administration (See Government)
Religion (concentration in Biblical Studies) (See Religion)
Religion (concentration in Theology) (See Religion)
Religion (concentration in Christian History) (See Religion)
R.O.T.C. (See Special Programs)
Social Sciences without Teacher Licensure (See History or Government)
Social Sciences with Teacher Licensure (9-12) (See History or Government)
Social Work
Sociology (Course descriptions only, See Psychology)
Spanish (See Foreign Language)
Spanish with Teacher Licensure (K-12) (See Foreign Language)
Sport Management (See Exercise Science)
Studio Art (See Art)
Drama and Christian Ministry
Theatre Arts
Trust Management
Trust Pre-Law
Trust Management & Financial Planning
Associate Degrees/AA Completion
AA Business General
AA Economics
AA History
AA Government



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