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Admission Requirements

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Admission Requirements

The Undergraduate Transfer Admissions Office will handle the applications and inquiries for all main campus transfers students, second bachelor's degree seeking students, non-degree seeking students(visiting), campus transfers, and returning students. An applicant is considered to be a transfer student if they have completed any number of college credit hours after their official high school graduation date. This does not include Dual Enrolled or Early College students. Early College and Dual Enrolled students will apply as freshmen. However, the links on this page will help as you select college-level courses you wish to transfer into your intended major here at Campbell University.

Campbell University does not require a minimum number of hours in order to transfer. Transfer students must be in good academic and social standing at the school from which they are transferring. A transfer student will be considered on the basis of their overall college record. Work attempted and/or completed at the two-year institutions may receive up to 64 hours of credit. Applicants from four-year institutions do not have a limit on the amount of hours that will transfer. These courses will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In order to earn a bachelor's degree from Campbell, a student must complete the final 32 hours at Campbell, and 12 of thse hours must be upper level (300-400) courses.

Transfer Student Admission Requirements

-College Transcript(s)
-High School Transcripts
-SAT or ACT score*

*If it has been at least one year since an applicant’s high school graduation, we will not require the SAT or ACT score to be submitted. However, if the SAT/ACT is not submitted and the applicant is not transferring in credit that will be considered greater than or equal to our college algebra (Math 111) and or Academic Writing (ENGL101), the applicant will be required to complete our Math 110 and/or English 100 courses. The Admissions Office reserves the right to require transfer applicants who have not taken the SAT to do so. The determination will be made on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the Admissions Office.

Special Student (Visiting Student) Admission Requirements


A visiting student is titled “Special Non- Degree Seeking” on our application. This is a student who wishes to take undergraduate courses but does not intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree from Campbell.

Special students are welcome to take courses during any of our fall, spring, or summer terms. Special students must be in good academic and social standings at their previously attended institutions.

Apply for admission by completing the online application.

Special Students must submit a new application for admission at the start of each semester they intend to take courses at Campbell. Special students are not required to submit transcripts from previously attended colleges or universities. Special students are not eligible for financial aid or transfer merit-scholarships

Returning Student Admission Requirements


-College Transcript(s) from schools attended after your last semester of enrollment with Campbell

You are considered a returning student if you have previously attended Campbell University's Main Campus but have been absent from Campbell for one semester or more. We are glad that you are considering returning to Campbell to complete your baccalaureate degree!

You will need to re-apply for admission. You can do this by completing the online application.

On your application, please select that you are applying as a Returning Student. In the "colleges attended" sections of the application, please list all colleges, including Campbell, that you have attended in the past. We will have all of your previously submitted documents on file, and you will only need to submit transcripts from colleges attended during your absence from Campbell University.

Second Bachelor’s Degree Admission Requirements

-College Transcript(s)
-High School Transcripts

Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university can apply to Campbell University in order to pursue a second bachelor’s degree, licensure, or to fulfill prerequisites for a graduate or professional program.

You can apply online.

Second bachelor’s degree students are eligible for the transfer merit scholarship.

The Application Process

1. Complete and submit an application for admission. There is not a fee for applying online. A paper application is $35. If you are not a permanent resident or a US citizen, you will need to visit our International Transfer admissions page in order to apply. If you are interested in applying to a campus other than the main campus, you will need to visit our Extended Campuses for their application process.

2. Request official (final) high school transcript* or GED results be sent.

3. Request all post-secondary institutions send an official transcript.*

4. If applicable, submit your military transcripts. You will also need to send Copy 4 of your DD Form 214.

Request all documents be sent to:

Campbell University
Undergraduate Admissions Office
P.O. Box 546
Buies Creek, NC 27506

Once we receive all documents required to complete your admissions file, you should hear of a decision within two weeks. We are on a rolling admissions cycle, so there are no application deadlines. The sooner you apply, the better, to ensure timely completion of your financial aid award package.

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