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Frequently Asked Questions

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Listed below are some of our most fequently asked questions related to Transfer Students. Click here for our full Admissions F.A.Q.

Question 22: What are the requirements for transfer students?

Primarily, transfer student requirements are identical to those for non-transfers. However, there are a few things that are different. Visit our Requirements page for more information about admissions requirements at Campbell University.

Question 23: Does Campbell University require transfer students to have a minimum number of credit hours?

No, Campbell University doesn't require transfer applicants to have a minimum number of transferable credits.

Question 24: Is there a maximum number of credit hours that will transfer to Campbell University?

That depends on where the credits are coming from. If your credits are from a two-year college, we will only accept a maximum of 64 credit hours.

But if your credits are from a four-year college or university, there is no maximum. You should look at the University's Academic Catalog for more information about transferring.

Question 25: How can I know which of my credits will transfer to the University?

Once you have applied, the Admissions Office will send your transcripts to the Registrar's Office to have a "Transcript Evaluation" performed.

This evaluation will determine which of your credits will transfer, as well as the courses they'll serve to replace here at Campbell.

Question 26: Does Campbell University have scholarships for transfer students?

There are academic scholarships available to transfer students including a limited number of Phi Theta Kappa scholarships.

Find out more about our scholarships here.

Question 27: Are transfer students required to live on campus?

Transfer students must meet the same requirements as other University students in order to live off-campus.

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