Vineyard Vines

By Justin Holmes | June 20, 2014 | Leave a Comment

Vineyard Vines

Standing with my mom outside of Vineyard Vines

To me, Martha’s Vineyard has become a land of opportunity. I came up here for my internship at Vineyard Golf Club. In the future, I would eventually like to go into merchandising in the golf business, so I figured that gaining some background in retail would be helpful.

Those of you who know me are aware of how much I love and wear clothes from the Vineyard Vines brand. Brothers Shep and Ian Murray founded the store in 1998 at Martha's Vineyard. Since I am currently living in the place where the store was founded, I decided to apply to work at the original store here in Edgartown, and I got the job. I have been working at Vineyard Vines on my days off from Vineyard Golf Club, and I absolutely love it.

Working at these two places has put me in contact with a lot of people who can help me become successful in my career. Every day here is a new adventure, and whether it is at Vineyard Golf Club or Vineyard Vines, I really look forward to going to work and embracing the experiences that lies ahead of me during this summer.

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At Campbell, I have found friends that were going through the same homesickness I was, and we worked together to fight it. Essentially, I found my second family and that's why I love it here. It's home away from home.

As a freshman, what I liked most about my first semester was learning about myself. College is a whole new experience, and it was essential that I found out the “dos” and “don’t’s” to create a positive learning experience for myself.  During my second semester, I am most looking forward to learning. I have never felt so positive about an academic year as I do right now in the current semester. 

My advice for incoming freshmen: Take your time. Think about your choices and make many visits, sometimes more than one to the same school. I visited Campbell seven to eight times before I made the decisions, and I most definitely do not regret it! If you are looking for a great education, while making great memories, with even greater people, then Campbell is for you.

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