Top 5 Things Freshmen Should Know

By Shuntaria Wood | May 16, 2014 | Leave a Comment

Top 5 Things Freshmen Should Know

With Gaylord at Orientation

Beginning college can be scary for most students. The second your parents finish moving in your things and give you the pep talk for college, you become a young adult. There are multiple movies that advertise the college life, but many of them skip the reality of college. College is a time for a student to explore and find his/her passion, make connections that will last for a lifetime, and sculpt his/her future. Moreover, college gives students time to mentally mature and become independent. As a freshman, it’s imperative to learn the following things:

1. Budgeting – For the next four years, you will have to make do with the income that you’ll receive from campus jobs and/or jobs near campus. Learn how to budget your income. Balance your money by making sure you have money for groceries and essentials, books, fun spontaneous outings with friends, and savings. Saving money will become beneficial once you face emergencies while away from home.

2. Manage stress – Every now and then, you’re going to deal with stress while in college. Managing your stress will help you to sustain your health and remain sane on those late nights and early mornings when you chose to procrastinate. You could pick up an inexpensive hobby, exercise, or simply take a nap. 

3. Self-discipline - Know how and when to say “no.” Use planners and sticky notes to set out a time to get your work done and to study. Discipline yourself to avoid distractions and resist the urges to ride out to Cookout or shop in Raleigh, especially when you have work that needs to be done.

4. How to clean - Tasks as simple as cleaning up after yourself, washing your clothes and bed sheets, and taking out the trash are valuable in the long run. It’s been proven that a clean room equals a clean mind, which means you’ll be able to focus more when your environment is clean. In addition, your roommate would appreciate your cleanliness!

5. How to balance social life and academics – Building friendships and getting involved on campus is just as important as maintaining academics. Learn how to balance each, and everything will fall into place.

There are many other things you will begin to learn as a freshman. You will discover more about yourself and your learning style. It’s important to listen to your advisors and adults on campus, as they will help you get through your first year. Freshman year is an exciting year full of discovery and preparation for the future. Be sure to enjoy it and make the best of this time.

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