The Dos and Dont’s of College

By India Heckstall | November 14, 2013 | Leave a Comment

1.) DO ask your professors for help. They are here to help you in any kind of way. They are very approachable people and will be a helpful resource for you.

2.) DON’T skip class. The lectures that professors give in class will be on the tests, so you need to make the best effort and attend class.

3.) DO your homework. Never fall behind on assignments or readings because you WILL regret it later.

4.) DON’T procrastinate. Many of the assignments that you will be given are meant for you to complete a little at a time, not all in one night. Make a schedule for yourself and know when you should have a certain part of your project completed.

5.) DO utilize the resources at the library. In high school, you may not have visited the library or read many of the books, newspapers, or journals there, but in college it is completely different. Professors expect you to use the information provided at the library. Make yourself aware of where everything is located in the library and learn how to search for the resources you need.

6.) DON’T get caught up in the partying scene. Remember that you come to college to get a good education, not to party your life away every night.

7.) DO broaden your horizons. Try taking classes that sound interesting to you because this will be the only time in your life where you are free to take classes and learn about any subject that you want.

8.) DON’T hesitate. If you want to run for an SGA office, then go for it. Run your best campaign and hope for the best. If you lose, remember that there will always be next year.

9.) DO find a mentor. You need someone who is going to influence you in a positive way, so make friends with an upperclassman you have similar interests with. See how their college experience is going and ask how you can become involved on campus and make your college experience great too.

10.) DON’T overextend yourself. College is an exciting and new time for you and you may want to be a part of every club and organization on campus. But you must realize that you have to adjust to the college life before you become heavily involved in extracurricular activities. It is best to just participate in one or two clubs first and then as the years progress become even more active in clubs and organizations.




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These past few years have been a wonderful experience here in the Creek. I have made so many new friends, and I have learned a lot about the different places that people have come from. Coming from a very small town, I knew the moment I saw Campbell that it was the place for me. The environment is so loving and welcoming and the interactions you have will last for a lifetime.

I currently have two on-campus jobs. I work with the Campus Ministry Department and assist with Connections, which is a class that all freshmen and sophomores have to take. I also work with the Study Abroad Department and encourage people to explore the world. While working in the Study Abroad Department, I have heard a variety of stories about students’ experiences abroad, and every single student I have come into contact with had an awesome experience. Due to their insight, they have encouraged me to study abroad in the summer of 2014.

Campbell has a variety of activities for students to participate in. I am the community service coordinator for the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-law Fraternity and the treasurer for the College Democrats. There are many other clubs and organizations that students can take part in, based on their interests. The Campus Activity Board hosts numerous events on campus and my favorites are the magic show, comedy shows, and the Saylor Park cook-out.

In my free time, I like to watch my favorite TV show, Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. I also love shopping, going out to eat, and spending time on Twitter and Pinterest.

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