My Not so Easy Major Decision

By Hunter Tadlock | December 19, 2013 | Leave a Comment

As a student in high school, my major changed a hundred different times until the end of my senior year when I decided I wanted to become a physician assistant. I grew up around the fire department, so I began to wonder what I could do in the medical field but still get paid a decent amount. I started looking up jobs and saw a flight nurse and considered that as a career. However, I found out that I could not pursue that option because of my medical problems. 

Once again, I started looking for possible career options and came across the title physician assistant. I discovered that as a physician assistant, I could work in the emergency department. This excited me because I would still get the thrill of the rescue work, but my job would have a more stable setting. After my sophomore year, I learned that science was not my friend and being a physician assistant was not the best career for me. I prayed long and hard on what I should do, and I chose to major in exercise and sport science. There are many different fields you could go into with a degree in exercise and sport science, but the main one that sparked my interest was occupational therapy and speech therapy for disabled children. 

When I was about ten years old, my mom fell down a flight of steps, shattering her vertebrae and was told she would never walk again. Through the help of occupational therapists, she now walks with a cane. This was a miracle to me, and seeing what an occupational therapist could do made me want to help others. I have always had a soft spot for disabled children because no matter what their condition, they always seemed so happy and loving towards life.

In middle and high school, I was the student who always stopped to talk to the exceptional children’s class or played basketball with them in PE because no one else would. I volunteered at the Special Olympics because just seeing their faces after they finished a race made all of my problems go away. To be able to help these children grow stronger and learn how to walk or throw a basketball seemed like the best job ever. If I could see their determination and their smiles at the end of the day, my life would be meaningful. 

I worked at a church camp over the summer as a nurse, and sometimes we had deaf kids or those with speech problems come in. They would not talk unless they were comfortable with you. This summer those children became used to me and started talking. That feeling was indescribable! For me of all people to be the one they opened up with was amazing. That is when I realized that speech therapy would help me along the way with occupational therapy. I want my career to be something that helps others, and this is my way of contributing.

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Hunter Tadlock


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Williamston, NC

My Story

I plan to further my education in occupational and speech therapy for disabled children.  I am originally from Williamston-a small town in eastern North Carolina.

My whole family revolves around Campbell University. My older sister also goes to Campbell, and we live together in the same apartment. My mom is an alumna of Campbell, so, growing up, she talked about the university a lot. My dad grew up three miles down the road in Erwin, North Carolina, where my papa and uncle still live today.  I love Campbell University because it is my home away from home!  The close-knit atmosphere here is what I love the best.  Almost everybody knows you, including the professors. I know I can go to any one of my professors and they will help me in any way possible. 

During the summer, I worked as a nurse at Camp Caroline, a church camp in Arapahoe, North Carolina. I have been a camper there since eighth grade, and this past year was my first year on staff. It was such a great experience to work with children and fellowship with them!

One of my main hobbies is fire and rescue. I started that as a freshman in high school, where I became an explorer at Williamston Fire and Rescue.  My dad was an employee there when I was born, so I grew up around the fire trucks and ambulances. It was always a second home to me.  Last year, I decided I would take and emergency medical technician class, and I could not be any happier helping people in that way. On the fire side, I mainly refill air packs for the firefighters going into the fire, and I also do rehab to make sure the firefighters coming out are safe to return or to make sure they do not need to be transported for medical attention. 

I am very passionate about photography, but I mainly do it for fun. Editing photos is not really my ideal thing because the real beauty is in the picture itself.  Scenery pictures are more my focus because they can be more abstract than individuals in pictures.  I am also on the yearbook staff for Campbell, where I am a photographer. 

Golf is another passion of mine. I started playing in middle school. When I was a junior in high school, I joined the men’s golf team and was the only girl on the team. We made it to State’s that year and it was the best experience!  We started a women’s golf team my senior year, where I was the team captain leading five other girls to regionals. Now golf is just a hobby of mine, and I play every now and then with my dad.

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