My Favorite Class

By Erin Schultze | December 6, 2013 | Leave a Comment

My Favorite  Class

In the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business studying Principles of Marketing.

Among the vast number of college classes I have taken at Campbell, my favorite class by far has been Principles of Marketing with Traci Pierce. In this class, we were introduced to basic marketing principles and concepts such as the Marketing Mix, which is Price, Place, Promotion, and Product, along with a number of other concepts. Mrs. Pierce made learning fun. After discussing a number of the topics, she illustrated the concepts with interactive learning. For example, a concept we discussed was the value of the marketing intermediaries, or the “middleman.” After discussing the topic, we played a game where a classmate volunteered to act as the supply chain manager for a candy manufacturer. This individual was provided with candy that had to be sent from the back of the class (the manufacturing plant) to the front of the room (the candy store). As the one selected to be the supply chain manager for the candy store, I chose other students who would serve as intermediaries to assist in the distribution of the candy. Once I chose several intermediaries, I strategically placed them around the classroom and they were not allowed to move. From there, my team of intermediaries and I worked together to get as much candy as we could to the candy store without having a defected product. If the candy made it to the front of the room, my company received a $1 profit. However, if I utilized my intermediary, it was a cost of .10 cents. For every piece of candy that hit the floor or did not make it to the candy store, there was a loss in potential profit. The purpose of this exercise was to prove that using intermediaries results in more successful deliveries and more profit.

For another exercise, Mrs. Pierce brought in cookies to illustrate marketing research in fun way. We put our taste buds to the test. In class, we discussed the process of marketing research and different exploratory and conclusive research methods. We then held a group discussion to determine the top attributes of chocolate chip cookies. We made a narrow list of attributes we wanted to focus on. Mrs. Pierce brought in four different leading brands of chocolate chip cookies, but we were not informed of the brand. We then did a blind taste test to evaluate each cookie and collect data. After analyzing the data, we had a group discussion on how existing brands and new entering brands can position themselves within the competitive market for cookies, along with the effectiveness of marketing research.

These exercises definitely enhanced the learning of marketing research. They made learning fun and demonstrated a key concept in an interactive way. Principle of Marketing intrigued me so much that after taking this class, I soon changed my major to marketing and found my niche among the vast number of majors within the business school. I enjoyed Principles of Marketing with Traci Pierce and was thankful for the Christian atmosphere she brought to the classroom.

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