Life on Campus

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Life on Campus

Dressed up as characters from the Magic School Bus at last year’s Homecoming Parade with friends from my residence hall.

My journey as a college student began when I was looking for the right school. At each campus I visited, I put a lot of emphasis on dorm life to help me choose the right school. Campbell did a great job on my tour of helping me picture what it would be like to live on campus. Since I am an out of state student, it was important to not only like where I would live, but also to enjoy it. The rooms were just the right size. They were clean, newly renovated, and homey. However, residence life at Campbell University does not just stop there.

Living on campus, I was right in the middle of college life. Campbell’s Residence Life staff has helped make my college experience unforgettable. Each residence hall has a resident assistant or RA who connects with students by planning programs and activities all residents can participate in. These activities, whether a movie night, Wii night, yoga night, ice cream party, or a de-stress activity night, help students to interact with one another and make friends. There were many instances when I would go to my friend’s residence hall for a program so we could hang out and have a good time. On one of these occasions, we painted canvases. Looking around the room, I saw many girls talking, laughing, and helping each other express themselves. Though there was a lot of artistic talent displayed that night, I believe the real talent the girls had was creating community.

Community is an important part of residence life.  The programs planned by the RAs create an environment that allows students to express their individuality and at the same time make friendships that could last a lifetime. When students come to Campbell, they are in an atmosphere where people want to see each other succeed both as students and as individuals. Some students have never been away from home before college and being surrounded by people who care about each another is a comforting feeling. Each residence hall on campus works hard to create that sense of community and to build a support system for the individual. When there is a lack of support, students can always turn to a teacher, an RA, a resident chaplain, or a resident director.  It is important to know that support can come from anyone on campus. No matter where a student turns, there will always be someone with open arms.

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My Story

People often ask me how I found out about Campbell University.  It was by chance that I found Campbell.  I was researching schools in North Carolina that also had a pharmacy school.  After my research, I decided why not? I was willing to take the risk even without visiting.  Campbell was the first school I applied to and my first acceptance into college.  After visiting other schools I applied to, none really appealed to me.  I narrowed it down to two schools, and when I finally visited Campbell, I was in love.  It was perfect! I had found a home away from home.  That was when I decided to go to the school that had found me.
I come from a family with a unique background. My parents are from Puerto Rico and Cuba.  My father is the cook of the family, and my mother is the baker.  When at home, I love waking up in the mornings to loud salsa music playing, the smell of my mother’s pancakes, and my father whistling while making his coffee.  This happened quite a lot when it was nearing a birthday.  My birthday parties were not your normal birthday parties.  I remember my twin sister, Cristina saying one year, “The balloons are good, the cake is good, but a PIG?”  My father would spend the time cooking a pig in the backyard, and he would invite all of our friends and family over to the house to eat pig.  Every year, the pig would taste better and better!  I love helping my father cook and not just for the special events.  Over the years, I have gained a love for cooking.  I love to invent and try new recipes and taste my creations.  I love to cook with the music playing and dance along.   Sadly, I am not a chef, but maybe one day I will pick up the family tradition of cooking the perfect pig in the backyard!

My mom and dad are the two most important people in my life, and I am so thankful to have such great parents.  They worked hard to create the perfect family atmosphere for my sisters and me to grow up in.  Every birthday and holiday or weekend, we were surrounded with family, friends, food, dancing, and karaoke.  Every dinner was a family dinner, and there was always a family movie afterwards.  Sharing a room with both my twin sister and my younger sister, only by a year, made that sister  bond even stronger.  On nights when we were not tired, we would stay up and build tents together, talk to each other if we couldn’t sleep, or if one had a bad dream, we would sleep in the same bed comforting one another.  My mother once said that a teacher told her she had never seen three sisters that love each other so much.  I am proud to come from such a great family!

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