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By Shuntaria Wood | March 10, 2014 | Leave a Comment

There have been many classes I have enjoyed at Campbell University, but my math courses have been my favorite. Initially, I came into Campbell as a biology major, but soon after my first year as a science major, I realized my niche was mathematics. As I’ve progressed in my major, my math courses have become more challenging, but thankfully my math professors are always willing to help. Besides learning “The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus,” integration, and how to solve for “x” and/or “y,” I’ve learned life lessons through my math courses. These are lessons I can apply to every aspect my life. Math has truly taught me the importance of effective self-evaluation and persistence.

Math, just like any other subject, is complex and demands the constant retaining of prior knowledge. Due to this factor, a strong previous foundation is needed to succeed in the subject. A strong math basis can be impacted by the effectiveness of the teacher, but it depends more on a student’s mindset. As my math courses are becoming more strenuous and demanding, I’ve discovered studying strategies that work best for me. Each time I study, I evaluate myself on the subject by finding other resources through the Internet and taking practice tests or playing education games to help with my retention rate. As I evaluate my understanding of subjects in math, I bring attention to each area that I may be having trouble in by writing bullets points on a notecard of what to focus on the next time I study. These strategies have worked wonders for me. To be successful in anything in life, you first have to find out what works best for you.

Unfortunately, all math problems can’t be answered through three to five simple steps, nor can they all be answered with the TI-85 calculator. When math courses become more difficult, the problems require more paper and an ability to perfect each step. A simple mistake in a strenuous math problem could affect the entire answer! In a majority of the tougher math classes, the problems require continuous efficiency, despite the difficulty and persistence. Prioritizing and managing every responsibility that comes with being a college student has not been easy over the past three years, but by staying in faith and avoiding distractions, I’ve been able to push through and make the best of my college experience.  Remaining persistent will not always be easy and straightforward, just as in math, so it’s best to keep an open mind for any possibilities. My math courses have taught me many things while I’ve been at Campbell, and I look forward to the future lessons I will learn!

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My Story

Hi! My name is Shuntaria Wood, and I am a junior Teaching Fellow. My program major is mathematics with a teacher licensure. I am the youngest of three children, and I have the most amazing parents.  I was born in High Point, North Carolina and raised in Thomasville, North Carolina.  Thomasville is a small town between Lexington and High Point.  My hometown is most famous for its furniture and the big chair downtown.  In Thomasville, everybody knows just about everybody!

My family is very close-knit and deeply involved in the church, as am I.  My involvement in the church throughout my life has allowed me to grow spiritually and rely strongly on God in everything I do.  When I began applying for college back in 2011, I knew that I wanted to attend a school that was built on religion, and immediately after my first visit to Campbell University, I knew it was the school for me!

I’ve experienced so much while here at Campbell, and I look forward to the opportunities ahead.  After Campbell, I plan to pursue a career in education as a high school mathematics teacher.  I anticipate the day when I will apply all of my knowledge I’ve been acquiring into my classroom.  My ultimate goal is to grow further in my educational studies and obtain an administrative position in schools such as superintendent or principal.  My involvement in campus activities, specifically Campus Ministry, has provided me with the guidance that I need and the reassurance of my passions in life.  Teaching is my passion, and my vision is to positively impact the lives of my students through my lessons and classroom activities.  Education is the golden key to life’s opportunities; it cannot be taken for granted.

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