It’s All About You and Your Attitude

By Isabel Moya | March 17, 2014 | Leave a Comment

It’s All About You and Your Attitude

Me with my best friend Sarah

For many, college is a new beginning with fresh starts and no mistakes, yet. New beginnings can be scary, exciting, sad, and overwhelming. Starting something new, whether a relationship, friendship, or school, is an opportunity to shine. 

So many people may be scared of this type of change because they see it as a “sink or swim” situation. Instead of putting a negative attitude or tone to the change, try making it positive. Many of you will have to leave home to attend college, and graduating from college may seem too soon and maybe you are not ready yet, but these new challenges will help shape you into the person you want to become. Finishing high school and starting college for me was a chance to find myself and who I wanted to become. I saw college as a, “This is it! My real life will be shaped by the decisions I make in college,” type of attitude. While this is true, it gave me a sense of anxiety and a feeling like I was not prepared to face the unknown. You will be surprised with what you can do and get accomplished by taking the first step. Last year, I applied to an internship for the summer and even though I knew I was going to be alone for the summer without family and friends, I decided to do it. I was in an unfamiliar town and knew no one, but I went in with my head held high and thinking, “This is for my future!”  As it turned out, going in with an open mind and positive attitude, I learned so much about clinical research and more. By attacking any challenge with the right mindset, you can also learn new things about yourself and what you can accomplish. For example, during my internship, I was surprised that I did not faint at the sight of blood and now I want to further my education and become a physician assistant.

Another example that many of you may or will relate to is the first day of classes. I remember my first day of class as a freshman. It was basic biology, and I am usually the kind of person who likes to sit in the first front row. Someone had taken the seat I originally wanted, so I decided to sit somewhat in the back of the classroom, which was outside my comfort zone. However, I did not allow this to affect me. Instead, I took in a deep breath, held my head high, put on my biggest smile, and I told myself to march to the seat in my most happy and confident self and sit next to this girl I did not know. This was by far the best decision I had ever made. I sat down and introduced myself to the girl who looked shy and looked at me like it was way too early to be as happy and perky as I was on the first day of school.  Her name was Sarah, and once the ice was broken, we found out that we lived in the same dorm, had a lot of the same classes, and had the same major. We just connected with each other. She and I became friends and since then, we became inseparable. She is my very best friend even to this day! We have been there for each other through hard times, laughed, and cried together. We have supported each other through the challenges life has thrown us, and we encourage each other when we need it. This friendship may not have had happened had I not taken a chance. 

Tackling the unknown with support from your friends and family encourages you to be brave in taking the first steps. Their encouragement sometimes gives you the extra boost to do what you otherwise may not have the courage for. Yes, you may make mistakes, but those are just bumps along the road. The best thing about making mistakes is the chance to learn from them and correct them. College life and life after college are going to be filled with new beginnings and new mistakes. This is the time to approach life in a new light with a new attitude. Attitude is everything, and I encourage you to be the best version of yourself you can be!

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People often ask me how I found out about Campbell University.  It was by chance that I found Campbell.  I was researching schools in North Carolina that also had a pharmacy school.  After my research, I decided why not? I was willing to take the risk even without visiting.  Campbell was the first school I applied to and my first acceptance into college.  After visiting other schools I applied to, none really appealed to me.  I narrowed it down to two schools, and when I finally visited Campbell, I was in love.  It was perfect! I had found a home away from home.  That was when I decided to go to the school that had found me.
I come from a family with a unique background. My parents are from Puerto Rico and Cuba.  My father is the cook of the family, and my mother is the baker.  When at home, I love waking up in the mornings to loud salsa music playing, the smell of my mother’s pancakes, and my father whistling while making his coffee.  This happened quite a lot when it was nearing a birthday.  My birthday parties were not your normal birthday parties.  I remember my twin sister, Cristina saying one year, “The balloons are good, the cake is good, but a PIG?”  My father would spend the time cooking a pig in the backyard, and he would invite all of our friends and family over to the house to eat pig.  Every year, the pig would taste better and better!  I love helping my father cook and not just for the special events.  Over the years, I have gained a love for cooking.  I love to invent and try new recipes and taste my creations.  I love to cook with the music playing and dance along.   Sadly, I am not a chef, but maybe one day I will pick up the family tradition of cooking the perfect pig in the backyard!

My mom and dad are the two most important people in my life, and I am so thankful to have such great parents.  They worked hard to create the perfect family atmosphere for my sisters and me to grow up in.  Every birthday and holiday or weekend, we were surrounded with family, friends, food, dancing, and karaoke.  Every dinner was a family dinner, and there was always a family movie afterwards.  Sharing a room with both my twin sister and my younger sister, only by a year, made that sister  bond even stronger.  On nights when we were not tired, we would stay up and build tents together, talk to each other if we couldn’t sleep, or if one had a bad dream, we would sleep in the same bed comforting one another.  My mother once said that a teacher told her she had never seen three sisters that love each other so much.  I am proud to come from such a great family!

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