Internship Experience

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Internship Experience

Me at my first internship at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC

I am a healthcare management major within the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business and for my major, a 200-hour internship is required for seniors graduating the following year. Students are able to participate in internships any time to get exposure and experience, but the Healthcare Management Internship class (HCM 490) is required for graduation.

This past summer, I participated in two internships in two different states. My first internship was at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, South Carolina and my second was at UNC Healthcare at Chapel Hill. While I enjoyed both experiences, it certainly took a lot of leg work and planning to get to those points. I had to consider living arrangements, whether the internship was going to be paid/unpaid, and who the primary person of contact was.

Because I did two internships, I had to break them up equally so I could receive the most information and experience in a short amount of time. My first internship in Charleston was four weeks long. There, I was an administrative intern in the Department of Ambulatory Care Services. In this particular department, we analyzed and made clinical rounds on patients who were receiving outpatient care- patients who do not stay overnight. I also sat in on managerial meetings with my supervisor and attended various sub-departmental meetings.

One of my future plans is to work in the Human Resources Department in a hospital. I knew UNC Healthcare provides great patient care and is a well accredited hospital. When setting up the internship, I made contact with the director of Learning and Organizational Development within the HR Department. Even though I was only there for three and a half weeks, I gained so much  knowledge! I worked within a certain department of HR, but I was still able to shadow individuals and experience other departments such as Employee Relations, Benefits, and HR Recruitment.

Internships are vital parts of a college career. They can potentially get your foot in the door for future job employment, and personal contacts are made for your name to be kept in mind. Here are a few suggestions when beginning your search for internships.

  1. Network! Network! Network! – You never know who your family, friends, professors, and even coworkers may know who can assist you when finding or providing you with an internship.
  2. Research – Both of the internships I acquired this summer, I found and researched myself. I narrowed down what I was interested in and I made the necessary contacts.
  3. Have an up-to-date resume – It is important to have an up-to-date resume so when managers and supervisors review it, they will see the things you have done in the past, but also see what you are currently doing that makes you suitable for an internship position.

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My Story

I am a student who is truly Campbell proud. As a healthcare management major and a senior, I am elated to call Campbell my “home away from home.”

When I first entered Campbell, I was originally a pre-pharmacy major. I later changed my major to healthcare management within the School of Business. One of the deciding factors when choosing a college was effective job placement and how well the school assists graduating seniors with finding jobs. When I spoke with friends and professors, I noted that they were able to list numerous opportunities available to students upon graduation.  

I am a resident assistant, a student ambassador in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and a student mentor in the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business. I love meeting and interacting with new people and with these experiences, I have been able to do just that. Campbell makes it possible to target your interests and put them into action with jobs, academic/social clubs, and functions on campus and in the community.

One of my favorite activities on campus is attending the weekly events sponsored by the Campus Activities Board. I also attend Campus Worship on Sundays. There are many ways to get involved at Campbell, and I encourage everyone to reach out, make themselves known, and find things that they will be happy to be a part of.

I hope to “CU” in the Creek soon!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions of the blogger on this page are their own. They do not necessarily represent the views of the Campbell University Undergraduate Admissions Office.

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