I Was Born To Be A Camel

By Hunter Tadlock | November 8, 2013 | Leave a Comment

I was born to be a Camel. This idea might sound a little strange to you, but to me it is a really simple concept. When it came to applying to colleges, I was set on going to North Carolina State University because there was no way I was going to be like the rest of my family. Fate had different plans for me because it knew I was meant for the Campbell University life before I did. Looking back on the decision I made, I could not be any happier. I chose Campbell because it is a small school with a very home-like feel. The professors are always there for you if you need to talk or need help with something, and it is beyond easy to make friends on campus. No matter where I walk, I always find at least one person I know. 

Most people think I chose Campbell to make my mother happy. She is an alumna of the class of 1986 at Campbell, and she is one proud Campbell graduate!  As a teacher she is constantly telling students that they need to apply to Campbell and informing them of our amazing passing rates with our law and pharmacy schools. But, contrary to most people’s beliefs, I chose Campbell for myself.

My sister is a super senior right now at Campbell University with two majors and a minor. Those are big footsteps to follow especially when you go to the same college. We live together in an apartment on campus, and I could not be happier. My sister is my best friend and living with her helps me out a bunch. She is my biggest motivator and supporter at school.

There are many memories on this campus that were made with my family, and looking back, I could not imagine what it would have been like if I had not had the opportunity to contribute to these.  My parents met at the Short Stop on campus while my father was working at Campbell and taking a few classes here. They actually lived in a trailer where the Convocation Center sits now. Since my dad grew up in Harnett County, most of his family worked on Campbell’s campus. So as you can see, my fate revolved around me becoming a Camel. I could not have chosen a better place to further my education and my memories with my family. We are just one big happy Campbell Camel family!

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Meet Hunter Tadlock

Hunter Tadlock


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Williamston, NC

My Story

I plan to further my education in occupational and speech therapy for disabled children.  I am originally from Williamston-a small town in eastern North Carolina.

My whole family revolves around Campbell University. My older sister also goes to Campbell, and we live together in the same apartment. My mom is an alumna of Campbell, so, growing up, she talked about the university a lot. My dad grew up three miles down the road in Erwin, North Carolina, where my papa and uncle still live today.  I love Campbell University because it is my home away from home!  The close-knit atmosphere here is what I love the best.  Almost everybody knows you, including the professors. I know I can go to any one of my professors and they will help me in any way possible. 

During the summer, I worked as a nurse at Camp Caroline, a church camp in Arapahoe, North Carolina. I have been a camper there since eighth grade, and this past year was my first year on staff. It was such a great experience to work with children and fellowship with them!

One of my main hobbies is fire and rescue. I started that as a freshman in high school, where I became an explorer at Williamston Fire and Rescue.  My dad was an employee there when I was born, so I grew up around the fire trucks and ambulances. It was always a second home to me.  Last year, I decided I would take and emergency medical technician class, and I could not be any happier helping people in that way. On the fire side, I mainly refill air packs for the firefighters going into the fire, and I also do rehab to make sure the firefighters coming out are safe to return or to make sure they do not need to be transported for medical attention. 

I am very passionate about photography, but I mainly do it for fun. Editing photos is not really my ideal thing because the real beauty is in the picture itself.  Scenery pictures are more my focus because they can be more abstract than individuals in pictures.  I am also on the yearbook staff for Campbell, where I am a photographer. 

Golf is another passion of mine. I started playing in middle school. When I was a junior in high school, I joined the men’s golf team and was the only girl on the team. We made it to State’s that year and it was the best experience!  We started a women’s golf team my senior year, where I was the team captain leading five other girls to regionals. Now golf is just a hobby of mine, and I play every now and then with my dad.

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