Gospel Choir

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Gospel Choir

The Gospel Choir performing at Methodist University

Outside of my major, math education, my heart is in music – specifically gospel music. Gospel music ventures deeper into the conscience of an individual and speaks words of encouragement and wisdom. I grew up in a Christian home and was raised in a Bible-rooted church. As a child, I anticipated the fourth Sunday of every month because that was the day when the children’s choir would sing. The power in the words of every song was uplifting. The sincerity in every voice demonstrated the unity of God’s people. The clapping and foot stomping under beat mimicked the heartbeat and the breath of life that the Lord grants us each and every day. The music, organ, and drum set melodically synced every verse, bridge, and chorus of the songs. Yet, the most impacting, powerful portions of gospel singing in my church were the musical breaks we would take when the spirit began to cover the church and the saints. Those musical breaks gave me a spiritual reassurance that God was there, his presence was there, and he was pouring down an abundance of blessing on our church as we continued to praise him through song. That spiritual reassurance was something I wanted to hold on to once I transitioned into my next step in life-college.

Campbell University’s Campus Ministry truly has a wide range of options for anyone seeking to strengthen their relationship with God while in college. During my Campbell orientation, the first extracurricular opportunity I asked about was the Gospel Choir. My freshman year, I joined the choir and now, as a junior, I am still a faithful member.  Campbell’s Gospel Choir is exactly what I expected it to be, if not better! Every Tuesday night at 8, I sense the same excitement I felt in my church, from gospel music. The late night rehearsals once a week are so worth it when the time comes for performances and concerts. 

The choir is like a family, and the unity of the members is undeniable.  I’ve met some of my closest friends through the choir. This year I am the president, and after being under such great leadership over the past two years, I feel even more equipped to hold the position. Joining the gospel choir was one of the best decisions I have ever made here at Campbell!

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Meet Shuntaria Wood

Shuntaria Wood


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My Story

Hi! My name is Shuntaria Wood, and I am a junior Teaching Fellow. My program major is mathematics with a teacher licensure. I am the youngest of three children, and I have the most amazing parents.  I was born in High Point, North Carolina and raised in Thomasville, North Carolina.  Thomasville is a small town between Lexington and High Point.  My hometown is most famous for its furniture and the big chair downtown.  In Thomasville, everybody knows just about everybody!

My family is very close-knit and deeply involved in the church, as am I.  My involvement in the church throughout my life has allowed me to grow spiritually and rely strongly on God in everything I do.  When I began applying for college back in 2011, I knew that I wanted to attend a school that was built on religion, and immediately after my first visit to Campbell University, I knew it was the school for me!

I’ve experienced so much while here at Campbell, and I look forward to the opportunities ahead.  After Campbell, I plan to pursue a career in education as a high school mathematics teacher.  I anticipate the day when I will apply all of my knowledge I’ve been acquiring into my classroom.  My ultimate goal is to grow further in my educational studies and obtain an administrative position in schools such as superintendent or principal.  My involvement in campus activities, specifically Campus Ministry, has provided me with the guidance that I need and the reassurance of my passions in life.  Teaching is my passion, and my vision is to positively impact the lives of my students through my lessons and classroom activities.  Education is the golden key to life’s opportunities; it cannot be taken for granted.

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