After Graduation

After Graduation

By Erin Schultze | January 31, 2014 | FULL POST

The most daunting questions for college students are: What am I going to do after graduation? Am I going to grad school? Am I going to use my degree? Am I going to find a job? Am I going to relocate? What am I going to do? All of these questions take are in my mind as a soon-to-be-college graduate.

What it’s Like to be a Junior

By India Heckstall | January 27, 2014 | FULL POST

For many people, junior year is the year they begin to do internships, save money, and look for part-time jobs. Junior year is the year to make sure your GPA is high and you are actively involved on and off campus. Junior year is the most crucial year of all years!

What Inspires You?

What Inspires You?

By Justin Holmes | January 21, 2014 | FULL POST

As a Southern gentleman, I was raised to love my mom like nobody else because that was the training for how I was going to love my wife.  My mom was my sole inspiration to be great when I was in high school. There were so many times when I would come home and celebrate the day’s achievement with her because she was my biggest fan.

Ahhh! This is the Dorm Life

Ahhh! This is the Dorm Life

By Whitney Myers | January 16, 2014 | FULL POST

At Campbell, there are various dorm styles and apartments. As a freshman, you must reside in a dorm (suite, communal, and two rooms to one bathroom). Dorm life is great. It presents a sense of community on the hall and in the dorm. You get to know other people, and it is also a nice support group when you’re studying subjects others are taking right along with you.

Spreading the Word

Spreading the Word

By Shuntaria Wood | January 8, 2014 | FULL POST

I was blessed with the opportunity to go on my first mission trip with Campbell University’s Campus Ministry. Not only was this my first mission trip, but this was also my first plane ride. The biggest challenge was accepting that my first plane ride would be to a foreign country, Honduras.

My Not so Easy Major Decision

By Hunter Tadlock | December 19, 2013 | FULL POST

As a student in high school, my major changed a hundred different times until the end of my senior year when I decided I wanted to become a physician assistant. I grew up around the fire department, so I began to wonder what I could do in the medical field but still get paid a decent amount. I started looking up jobs and saw a flight nurse and considered that as a career.

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