Federal Perkins Loan

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If you have been awarded the Federal Perkins Loan, please read the following; however, if you are inquiring and have not yet been awarded the Federal Perkins Loan, please contact your Financial Aid Counselor.

Perkins loans are awarded on a need-basis, based on information received from student FAFSA forms. Funding for Perkins loans are provided by Campbell University and the Department of Education. Campbell University is the lending institution. We utilize Campus Partners (CP) as our loan servicer. As students repay their loans more students can receive loans to help fund their education. Perkins loans have cancellation and deferment benefits not available to borrowers of other types of aid.

Perkins loan recipients must complete a master promissory note, disclosure statement and go through an online entrance counseling process the first time they receive such a loan from Campbell University. Perkins master promissory note and disclosure statement can be obtained from the following link: Master Promissory Note. The form also can be completed with the Assistant Comptroller in the Accounting Office/Perkins Loan Office. Steps to Completing Perkins Master Promissory Note.

  • Items 1-5 must be completed, either typed or written legibly in ink.
  • Make sure you include which state issued your driver’s license in item 5.
  • If you leave any part of the Perkins Note blank, your Perkins loan funds will not be processed until complete.
  • Master Promissory Note must be signed and dated in ink on page 1 and 5.
  • Completed Perkins master promissory note should be returned to the Accounting Office.

Entrance counseling can be completed at Mapping Your Future. The following items are needed to complete the online process:

  • your Social Security number
  • your driver’s license number
  • names, addresses, telephone numbers and employers for your next of kin and/or parent
  • names, addresses, telephone numbers and employers for two references residing at different addresses

Before a student graduates, or when they leave the institution, they must complete an exit interview. Federal regulations require students to complete this before they receive their diploma. Complete the exit interview online at Mapping Your Future. The Accounting Office/Perkins Loan Office 910-893-1443 can answer any questions you have about this procedure. This is a Verisign secure site, so your privacy is protected. If you have any questions please access the site and read the security and privacy information.

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