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When you were accepted, you should have received a packet of information including a few forms that you need to return to us. Sometimes, however, this packet gets lost or a form doesn't make it into the packet. Below are electronic copies of the forms included in an acceptance packet. If you need an additional copy of these forms, you're welcome to download these electronic copies, complete the form, and return it to us.

Enrollment Deposit Form

You should send the Enrollment Deposit Form along with your enrollment deposit to let us know to reserve a space for you. The Deposit Form gives you an opportunity to tell us your housing preference including roommate if you know someone who is also planning to attend the University. If you would rather, you may complete this form electronically. By completing this form electronically you automatically complete the Housing Agreement at the same time.

Immunization and Medical History Form

Immunization and Medical History Form (pdf)

Accidents happen. As much as we try to avoid it, there may come a time when you'll need medical attention.

The Immunization and Medical History form provides our Student Health Services Office the information they need to help you in the case of a medical emergency. Maintaining up-to-date medical information for the University's student body is an important part of keeping everyone on the campus safe.

The Medical History form must be returned to us before you start classes.

Note that these forms are for accepted students only. If you are unsure of whether you have been accepted, please contact the Admissions Office for an update on your application status. Any forms received by students who have not been accepted will be discarded.

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