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The Office of Study Abroad offers faculty-led programs, internships, service-learning, and individual programs.


How do I get started?

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It is important to the Study Abroad Director before you apply for study abroad programs or internships abroad.  This is to ensure you are aware of all of the options available to you. During your appointment, you’ll research options, discuss financial aid, and learn more about the study abroad process.

*If you do not have an application in-process at least 2 months prior to the application deadline, you will not be approved to study abroad and receive academic credit.*

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When should you go?

Anytime!  Summer programs can easily fit into any student schedule, though students are advised to plan ahead so they can gather finances and apply for the program of their choice.  Some semester-long programs require students to be a Junior or Senior. Some majors, such as education, should plan to go abroad their Sophomore year.  Students who know they would like to study abroad should begin planning as early as the year prior.

Are there GPA requirements to study abroad?

GPA requirements differ according to which program you will be participating in.  However a minimum 2.5 GPA is required to apply for any program.

Do I need to speak a foreign language?

No.  Although programs are available in many foreign languages for students who have studied those languages, there are several other English language programs offered that students may apply for.

What does it cost?     

Cost depends on the program you select.  There are programs to fit almost any budget whether you want to go abroad for a few weeks or a full semester.  Generally speaking, the cost of a program is relative to the cost of living in the region you will be living and studying.  The overall cost for most programs is roughly equivalent to the cost of attending Campbell University.

Can I use financial aid?

Yes!  You can find more information about financial aid here.  Additional financial aid information can be found at Institute for International Education and Boren Awards.

Is study abroad necessary?

For some majors-absolutely; particularly Foreign Language, International Business and International Studies.
Our government wants Americans to Study Abroad so much that it offers numerous State Department scholarships.  The US Congress also declared 2006 The Year of Study Abroad.

Will studying abroad affect my graduation?

Studying Abroad will not affect your ability to graduate on time.  While studying abroad, you will take a full load of courses, just as if you were in Buies Creek.  For Campbell faculty-led programs, you will receive graded credit and the grades will impact your overall GPA.  As part of the application for any other semester or summer program, you will work with your advisor to complete the Course Equivalency Form. This form will determine how the courses you plan to take abroad will transfer back to Campbell.

How do academic credits transfer?

Study Abroad programs led by Campbell faculty are considered Campbell courses and grades will be entered upon return.  For all other programs, the student must complete the Course Equivalency Form and meet with Chairs, Deans, and Registrar to discuss course transfer equivalency prior to departure.  After completion of the selected program, a transcript will be sent by the host university to the Registrar’s Office at Campbell University and grades or credit hours will be entered accordingly.  Courses/Programs that are not pre-approved by the Office of Study Abroad will not be accepted for academic credit.

Is study abroad safe?

All Campbell-led programs follow the required safety procedures outlined by the Office of Study Abroad.  We follow State Department guidelines for safety in travel, and carefully vet all third party providers.  The Office of Study Abroad regularly consults the U.S. State Department's web site for travel advisories and maintains contacts with students abroad.


How do you prepare me?

All students participating in study abroad programs must attend mandatory Orientation Sessions. Orientation dates for faculty-led programs will be announced  after the Office of Study Abroad has accepted all the student participants. Students participating in independent summer, semester, or year-long programs are required to set orientation appointments with Dr. Donna Waldron, Director of Study Abroad, prior to departing for their program.

Orientation Sessions include a meet-and-greet for participants to bond with their fellow travelers and faculty-directors, a question-and-answer session on all topics of concern or interest to participants, and a walk-through of the contents of the Office of Study Abroad's orientation folders. Each student receives a folder with pertinent information for their travels, from packing tips, to cultural information.

While it is impossible for the orientation information to provide ALL helpful tips and COMPLETE step-by-step assistance with the intricacies of international travel, the Office of Study Abroad is confident that the orientation information that we provide supplies a thorough introduction to these complexities and teaches students the basic skills and knowledge they will need as they face various unique challenges of their study abroad experience. All students will travel with the contact information for Campus Safety and the staff of the Office of Study Abroad.



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