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Application Deadlines:

  • Tanzania & Business in Italy: November 14, 2014
  • All other faculty-led programs: January 16, 2015

Medical Service Learning in Tanzania

(Applications Due Nov.14) - APPLY HERE!

Tentative Dates: May 18 - June 10
Courses Offered: 1 Credit Spring Course + BIOL 460: "Special Topics" (summer course)
Faculty Directors: Dr. Debora Weaver & Dr. Michelle Suhan Thomas
Approximate Cost: TBA

Designed for pre-professional biology, healthcare management, and public health students, but open to all students.  Travel to Tanzania to volunteer with service projects through the SHED Foundation, assist with health clinics and public health village surveys and education with the City of Hope, learn about herbal remedies and developing modern medicine in Tanzania, and experience the exotic and beautiful animal diversity of the Ngorongoro Crater through a safari.  This program has a 1 credit Spring course attached to it, and the application deadline is in November. Upperclassmen will be granted preference for acceptance, but students of all levels are strongly encouraged to apply.

Listen to Kayla Baba talk about her experience on the program:

Entrepreneurship in Italy: 10 Day Program (NEW!)

(Applications Due Nov.14) - APPLY HERE!

*Alumni and Friends Welcome*
*Undergraduate & Graduate Students Welcome*

Tentative Dates: May 12 - May 21
Courses Offered: BADM 590/790 (Spring 2015 Course)
Faculty Directors: Dr. Katherine Lawrence
Approximate Cost: TBA

Learn about global business and economic practices from leaders in these industries. Visit with business owners and explore the interaction of history, culture, and business while visiting numerous sites of historic and modern interest in Italy.

British Literature in Great Britain

(Applications Due Jan.16) - APPLY HERE!

Tentative Dates: May 19-June 16
Courses Offered: ENGL 201/202: Brit Lit, ENGL 419: Legends & Fantasy
Faculty Director: Dr. Elizabeth Rambo
Approximate Cost: TBA

Experience life and culture in London town by living like a local. Bring British Literature to life! Visit the historic sites of England and Scotland that inspired the fantasy & legends of British literature. Sites in England include Stonehenge, Bath, Winchester, Canterbury, the Globe, Westminster Abbey, and St. Paul's Cathedral. Participants will trace the origins of literary figures such as King Arthur, Sherlock Holmes, Beowulf, & the pilgrims of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. A free weekend allows students to do independent traveling on the trip as well.

Let the 2013 participants convince you to apply!

Ecology in Costa Rica (NEW!)

(Applications Due Jan.16) - APPLY HERE!

Tentative Dates: June 2 - June 23
Courses Offered: Natural Science in Costa Rica (ENVS 100, BIOL 260, or ENVS 327), and independent studies at discretion of faculty directors  --  (ENVS 327 prerequisites: BIOL 111, 202, 203, and 205 - Approval by instructor required)
Faculty Directors: Dr. John Bartlett
Approximate Cost: TBA

Students will spend approximately 3 weeks in Costa Rica exploring the incredible animal diversity in the various ecosystems in the country, bringing Ecology to life in exciting new ways!

Italy: Religion, Philosophy, and Art History

(Applications Due Jan.16) - APPLY HERE!

Tentative Dates: May 27 - June 17
Courses Offered: Intro to Philosophy (PHIL 121), Intro to Christianity (RELG 125), Ancient and Medieval Theology and Philosophy (RELG 324), Art History I (ART 231), and independent studies at discretion of faculty director
Faculty Director: Dr. Adam English
Approximate Cost: TBA

Be inspired by the art, culture, and food of Italy!  Sites include Rome, the Colosseum, the Vatican, and the Pantheon, Assisi, Umbria, and Florence. The program also includes a week long service learning experience through volunteering and living at a Christian children's camp in the Italian countryside.

Pre-Law in England & Scotland (NEW!)

(Applications Due Jan.16) - APPLY HERE!

Tentative Dates: June 23 - July 20
Courses Offered: CRIM 470: Critical Issues in Criminal Justice, HIST 300: will substitute for HIST 345 requirement, or an upper level HIST elective requirement
Faculty Directors: Dr. Cathy Cowling and Dr. Sal Mercogliano
Approximate Cost: TBA

Designed for pre-law students particularly from the Criminal Justice and Political Science departments, but open to all Campbell students.  Investigate the historic and modern justice systems of the United Kingdom. Sites in London include Jack the Ripper Tour, Scotland Yard, MI5, Old Bailey Courts, and the Tower of London.

Spanish in Spain (NEW!)

(Applications Due Jan.16) - APPLY HERE!

Tentative Dates: May 20 - June 13
Courses Offered: SPAN 101-202, upper levels available as independent studies at faculty director's discretion
Faculty Directors: Dr. Rene Ibarra & Dr. Hilda Salazar
Approximate Cost: TBA

Designed for students who desire to grow in their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture. Spend 3 weeks learning Spanish in Madrid or Salamanca (location TBA), and spend afternoons and weekends travelining through Spain, engaging with the Spanish people & culture.


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