2016 Faculty Led - Psychology in Europe

  Psychology and Culture in Europe
(May 17 - June 6, 2016)

**This program is an "Alumni and Friends" program - students and non-students may apply to participate**

Applications are due January 25th

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Courses Offered

PSYC 480: History of Psychology (3 credit hours)
PSYC 232: Social Psychology (3 credit hours)

These courses will fulfill General Core Curriculum requirements & major requirements.
If you wish to enroll in PSYC 480 and do not have the prerequisites, email Dr. Jutta Street to determine if you can still enroll in the chosen course.

Non-majors are welcome to apply! The program itinerary and courses are interdisciplinary in nature and will be valuable to you no matter what your major of choice is.


Faculty Director: Dr. Jutta Street

"The countries of Germany, Austria, and France have a shared history, rich traditions of music and art, and unique cultural characteristics.  During this fifteen day trip, we will visit fabulous castles, cathedrals, museums, historical universities, and we will sample local cuisine. We will also visit key locations that mark the early roots of the science of psychology, such as Wundt’s lab in Leipzi, and many more. The journey offers a mix of organized activities and free time to explore each locality.  A guided tour at each major location will offer the opportunity to experience the local sights and sounds. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the countryside when we travel from one location to the next by high-speed train.

Campbell University students who take the courses for psychology credit will be required to formalize their experiences of the trip in several formal assignments, researching the early history of psychology and analyzing the influence of historical and cultural events of the time on the development of the discipline of psychology.

In addition to psychology stuff, the program will include the ‘Sound of Music” tour in Salzburg, the visit at Dachau (the original concentration camp), the visit in Wittenberg (Martin Luther), the visit at Heidelberg castle, the live concert by the St. Thomas choir in St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, and the walking tours in all cities.

We know majors and non-majors alike will enjoy this program. I hope you join us for Summer 2016!"

Program Highlights

In Germany. . .
  • Berlin
    • Guided city tour of Berlin
    • Humboldt University - Institute of Psychology (origin of Gestalt Psychology)
    • Max Planck Institute -- Institute of Human Development
    • Evening river cruise on the Spree
    • Free University of Berlin -- Psychology Dept
    • Visit Topography of Terror Museum
    • Visit Check Point Charlie Museum
  • Leipzig
    • Guided city tour of Leipzig
    • Wilhelm Wundt room
    • INstitute of Psychology
  • Visit to Dachau (the prototype concentration camp) to remember the horrors of World War II and the Jewish Holocaust
In Austria . . .
  • Salzburg
    • Guided city tour of Salzburg
    • Visit Salzburg College where several Campbell University students have studied abroad
    • University of Salzburg - Neuropsychology Dept
    • Free day to explore the city of Mozart!
    • "Sound of Music" Tour
  • Heidelberg
    • Guided city tour of Heidelberg
    • Guided lecture on Hermann von Helmholtz and his time in teh city
    • University of Heidelberg - Psychology Dept
    • Castle of Heidelberg
In France. . .
  • Paris
    • Guided city tour of Paris -- of Montmartre or left bank
    • Salpetriere Hospital -- visit the Charcot library & lecture on Freud's work with Charcot
    • Salpetriere Hospital -- visit Psychiatric Institute
    • Institute of Psychology at the University of Paris Descartes
    • Musee Curie and/or Museum of HIstory of Medicine
    • 2 free days -- perhaps you will choose to visit Versailles?

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Program Costs

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Tuition Cost: Tuition cost is determined by Campbell University summer 2016 tuition costs, estimated at $600 per credit hour. (3 credit course = $1800)

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