The Office of Study Abroad knows that both parents and students will have questions when considering studying abroad.

Is it necessary?

For some majors - absolutely! For the increasing global economy, Study Abroad is no longer considered a luxury. Our government wants Americans to Study Abroad so much that it offers numerous State Department scholarships. The US Congress also declared 2006 The Year of Study Abroad.

Can my son or daughter study abroad and still graduate on time? 

Absolutely! While studying abroad, students must take a full load of courses, just as they would in Buies Creek. For Campbell faculty-led programs, students will receive graded credit and the grades will impact their overall GPA. As part of the application for any other semester or summer program, students will work with their advisor to complete the Course Equivalency Form. This form will determine what requirements will be fulfilled by the courses your child plans to take abroad.

Is it affordable?

Yes! Traveling as a student is more affordable than at any time later in life. The cost of studying abroad changes depending on each program.   For most programs, a large portion of the cost of studying abroad depends on the location and the length of time a student studies abroad.  While most of Campbell's internal scholarships are tuition remission scholarships and therefore not applicable to study abroad, federal loans and grants do apply.  The study abroad office encourages students to research outside scholarships for study abroad.  You can find more information about financial aid here.

Is it safe?

All study abroad programs offered to our students follow the required safety procedures outlined by the Office of Study Abroad. We follow State Department guidelines for safety in travel, and carefully vet all third party providers. The Office of Study Abroad regularly consults the U.S. State Department's web site for travel advisories and maintains contacts with students abroad. No study abroad student will be permitted to travel to a location in which there is a travel advisory in effect.

What happens in case of an emergency?

Campbell University Campus Safety has a copy of all travel documents including contact information for any student who is abroad. They are open 24 hours and serve as a central point of contact for students and families. They can be reached via phone at (910) 893-1375.

Insurance Facts

All students traveling abroad must be covered by international insurance before leaving. The students will have access to approved medical facilities in the event of an emergency. Coverage is administered by HTH Worldwide.