2015 Ambassadors

Mechelle Powell

English Major
Summer 2015 –Faculty-led Program “British Literature in Great Britain”
The food she misses the most is English “bacon” sandwiches for breakfast.

Quote: "Studying abroad was the best way I could have spent my summer. I got to go somewhere I only dreamed of going, and experience something no one around me had ever experienced. I met new people from different walks of life, and made great friendships. The impact of my trip did not hit me until I returned to the U.S. Walking into my room I thought, “Wow, I was in London this morning.” In that moment, the past month of my life felt unreal. To be completely cliché, it felt like a dream from which
I would be content to never wake."

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Alexandra Clyde

Pre-Pharmacy Major
Summer 2015 --- iik German Language School in Dusseldorf, Germany
Food she misses the most is the bread and Italian Gelato.

Quote: "The biggest change I experienced within myself was my world view. It is amazing how going to other countries simultaneously broadens the world to you and shrinks it. It is hard to understand this idea until you actually go abroad."

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Allison Deaton

Elementary Education Major with Special Education Extension
Summer 2015 --- "British Literature in Great Britain" 
Food she misses the most is the Almond Croissants

Quote: "I remember on the way to the airport I was nervous to be leaving my family for so long and live in a completely different country for the next few weeks. Little did I know, the amazing friendships I was about to make, the nights full of memories and laughter, and the adventures that would definitely never be forgotten!"

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Holly Gabry

Accounting Major and Art Minor
Summer 2015 –Faculty-led Program “British Literature in Great Britain”
The foods she misses the most are caramel shortcake bites
and chicken pot pie.

Quote: "The world became so small and yet so big to me during my trip. The people made the world seem smaller, because we are not that different. However, the world is so large because now I have a long list of all the places I want to travel to in my life, which will not be an easy feat! I grew spiritually, worldly, and at the end of the day realized what is truly important in life and had fun all along the way!"

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(photo by Patrick Guins)

Danielle Hinrichs

Biology Pre-Physical Therapy Major, Chemistry Minor
Summer 2015 –Faculty-led Program
“Medical Service Learning in Guatemala”
The foods she misses the most are taconento, soup, guacamole,
and fresh fruit.

Quote: "The biggest thing I have taken out of this experience is that you truly don't know what you have until you have witnessed other human beings with nothing at all while being the happiest and most sincere individuals I have met in my life."

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Omar Hourani

Business Administration Major
Summer 2015 –Faculty-led Program “Entrepreneurship in Italy
The foods he misses the most are fresh, organic pastas, cheeses, steaks, and pesto sauce.

Quote: "Italian history had always been my favorite—specifically Ancient Rome and Renaissance Italy. Therefore, it was a meaningful journey for me to stand in front of historical landmarks and pieces of art that I had read so much about before."

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Jessica Inscore

English Major
Summer 2013 - Faculty-led Program “British Literature in Great Britain”
The food she misses the most is Clotted Cream.

Quote: "The best memory I have of that was reading Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey”, which is an incredible poem about a decaying abbey in Wales. Then we got to spend hours exploring it and taking group photos on the ruins. We had lunch in a café on the premises and analyzed the poem on a bench literally yards away from Tintern Abbey. It was so overwhelmingly beautiful that several of us, including me, had tears in our eyes."

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Hannah Jester

Pharmaceutical Sciences Major, Interdisciplinary Studies Minor
Summer 2015 – Iik Language School Germany for 8 weeks
The food she misses the most is Knödel.

Quote: "Having never left the US, these relationships and experiences influenced my perspective irrevocably. Never before had I been thrown so far outside of my comfort zone and had to learn to swim so quickly."

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Nicole Jones

Biology Pre-Professional Major
Summer 2015 –Faculty-led Program
“Medical Service Learning in Guatemala”
The foods she misses the most are the San Martin Bakery
and fresh pineapple juice.

Quote: "I can’t wait until my next opportunity to be involved in a medical service trip. I am forever thankful of the permanent lessons I learned through my time in Guatemala. The way I look at those around me and my surrounding will be forever impacted. As the American writer Henry Miller stated, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way
of seeing things.” "

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Amber Puffenbarger

Biology Pre-Medical Major, Psychology Minor
Summer 2015 –Faculty-led Program
“Medical Service Learning in Guatemala”
The foods she misses the most are the San Martin Bakery and fresh juice.

Quote: "Every day I would walk into Marina Guriola, I felt a newfound sense of belonging. Nineteen sets of little eyes and big smiles greeted me every morning. Countless hugs and kisses followed, engulfing me into a sea of happiness. Although I couldn’t speak their language perfectly, never once did I feel hindered from giving them every ounce of my heart."

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Kayla Randall

Biology Major
Summer 2015 –Faculty-led Program
“Medical Service Learning in Guatemala”
The food she misses the most is Pineapple Streusel from
the San Martin Bakery.

Quote: "Until you travel, you have not experienced most of the world God so graciously created for us. There is so much more to this world than where we live. Sometimes we become blind to the outside world, but I feel that if we, as a whole, looked at the world around us from a different perspective, oh what things could be changed!"

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Emilia Roy

Trust and Wealth Management Pre-Law Major, Financial Planning Minor
Summer 2015 –Faculty-led Program “Pre-law & Justice in the UK”

Hannah Shackelford

English Major, History and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies Minors
Summer 2015 –Faculty-led Program “Pre-law & Justice in the UK”
The foods she misses the most are chocolate croissants, Fish and Chips, and fruit scones.

Quote: "If I could tell one thing to other students struggling to decide whether or not to go, I would tell them to do it, no questions asked.  Don’t worry about the money, the time, or your fears.  Just go and see the world.  I felt safer walking around London, one of the biggest cities in the world, than I do walking down any street in America.  Being independent and in charge of yourself in such a big new place is empowering, invigorating,
and exciting. "

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Sheel Shah

Pharmaceutical Science Major
Summer 2013 - North Carolina State University Global Healthcare
Program to Belize
The foods she misses the most are rice and beans, fresh fruit, and hand-churned ice cream.

Quote: "One of the things I enjoyed the most was not the beauty of the Mayan Ruins or the coral reef, but it was the time that I got to spend with the little children. Everyone there called me the “child whisperer” because anywhere we went; there was a little one with me. It is surprising to say, but the little children taught me a lot about myself. This trip gave me a self-realization moment about what it was that I wanted to do with my future and I could not have been any prouder of myself of the work that I had done and for all the lives that I had touched in the process."

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Keyonna Smith

Criminal Justice Pre-Law Major
Summer 2015 –Faculty-led Program “Pre-law & Justice in the UK”
The food she misses the most is Toasted Brie and Bacon Baguettes.

Quote: "Getting to experience this new adventure has gotten me ready to see what’s in store for my years to come, I have gained a greater passion for traveling the world. Spending a month in London has taught me to be more open minded about things and from this experience I have created lifetime memories and gained greater relationships with my peers and professor."

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Claire Carrington

Health Communication and Public Relations Majors, Biology Minor
Summer 2013 - Faculty-led Program “British Literature in Great Britain”
The foods she misses the most are pasties and hot cross buns.

Quote: "On our final day in London I was photographed by a bus of tourists who thought they had caught a native in her natural habitat. At the end of the month, when it was time to return home, I wished for just a little more time to see, learn, and do. The time passed so quickly, but it was an amazing journey, and I left a piece of my heart in Britain.
Someday maybe I’ll go retrieve it."

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Miranda Chebahtah

Biology Pre-Professional (Pre-Vet) Major
Summer 2015 –Faculty-led Program “Spanish in Spain”
The food she misses the most is Paella.

Quote: "My time in Sevilla taught me to always stray from my comfort zone, and to treat every day as an adventure. But more importantly, it reminded that the world is a huge place full of people and different cultures. Experiencing the world will be the most thrilling adventure yet, and to not experience it will be one of the most terrible tragedies."

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Hannah Gooding  

Communications Public Relations Major and ITS Minor                          
Summer 2014 - Central College Abroad summer Spanish language program in Grenada, Spain

Quote: "I was thankful I went to Granada because when I visited Madrid, there were so many people who spoke English and they would never give me the opportunity to practice my Spanish.  It was so much easier to learn Spanish in a city where you have to get out and use it every day."

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Ashley Hardee

Elementary Education Major
Summer 2015 –Faculty-led Program “British Literature in Great Britain”
The foods she misses the most are Penguin candy and Jelly Babies.