Individual Programs

 Students have the chance to enroll in universities abroad, complete an internship, or take part in a service learning opportunity. Full semester and year-long programs are a great way to earn credits while exploring a new location and culture. Scroll down to see what students have to say about their experiences abroad!

"I'd tell students who haven't done this or haven't considered Study Abroad to do it!"

Kendra Batie, Tanzania


"We visited Wakiki Beach and local beaches, and the water is completely different, it's just amazing. I even got to make kapa (Hawiian bark cloth) with some locals!"

Cindy Blankenship, Hawaii


"I had the opportunity to spend a semester in Paris, France, spending up to six hours a day studying French. I had classmates from Russia, Italy, Macedonia, Venezuela, and China. I was able to travel around Europe, enjoying all that the continent has to offer. I highly encourage every student to study abroad!"

Taylor Smith, France


"Studying Abroad is an amazing experience that allows you to discover the world around you while teaching you excellent life skills at the same time! After studying abroad, I don't feel as intimidated with life and stepping out of my comfort zone! It really shows you how much you really can do on your own. You meet amazing people from other countries and you just feel a certain unity with the rest if the world! I wish I could study abroad every semester!"

Katie Billheimer, New Zealand


"Being able to take control of one's life in a foreign setting is a lifelong skills because it means that you will be able to adapt more easily to all the curve balls which your way in life."

Dr. Tiago Jones, Professor of Spanish


"After studying abroad as an undergraduate student, I became more able to question things I saw around me, and it allowed me to put things into a different perspective. I think it shaped me for the rest of my life and my career."

Dr. David Steegar, Professor of French