Faculty-Led Programs

 The Office of Study Abroad offers three to four Campbell faculty-led summer programs each year. Students have had the opportunity to travel to such exciting locations as Tanzania, Hawaii, Great Britain, Germany, and Italy, studying topics ranging from ecology to the Reformation. Scroll down to see photos and student insight from some of our past trips.                                                              

"Everything about the trip was well worth the expense. The amount of information we learned and experiences we had over there were priceless. I would recommend any student to go on this trip, even if you're not a biology major!"

Morgan Fonvielle, Hawaii, 2012


"The experience was once in a lifetime, and the knowledge and cultural diversity I experienced could never be replaced by reading a book. As a returning student at the time of this trip, I found it to be the perfect way to wrap up my academic career at Campbell University."

Yvonne Fritz, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, 2012


"I was thankful this trip had a medical focus, but I was also concerned with learning about culture and getting to experience the 'real' Africa. I don't think I would have gotten the same experience through any other organization."

Maegan Hewett, Tanzania, 2012


"We volunteered at a children's home, and it was in that moment that I fell in love with teaching. Because of Campbell University, I am now fulfilling my dream and completing my Master of Education degree. I am forever grateful."

Amanda Colvin, Chile, 2012


"I could envision how the Roman forum was used by thousands of people long ago. I could picture the scene in my head of the endless markets and people. My mind was filled with countless thoughts as we walked past the forum. The experience was truly splendid!"

Emily Sides, Italy, 2011


"I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and have fallen in love with London. I am very grateful that I was allowed the opportunity to gain exposure to international business and culture."

London, 2011


"I believe that this trip is invaluable. All that we experienced while away cannot be viewed in terms of a price tag. You will never have a more cultural learning experience than what we have had. I recommend this trip to everyone!"

Italy, 2011


"Studying abroad offers a full immersion cultural experience, which changes how one thinks and feels for the rest of one's life. it results in a fundamental broadening of one's horizons and sense of participation in a common humanity with other human beings in other parts of the world. This memory will never diminish but grow with you wherever your life leads and ends."

Dr. Brian Thomas, Professor of German


"I've seen students come back more confident--in themselves and their abilities. I think having had to navigate a foreign culture makes them more adventurous, more willing to take risks or the unusual path, more creative in that they can look at a situation or problem from a different perspective."

Dr. Jaclyn Stanke, Professor of History


"Studying abroad will be the defining moment of your college career. In order to become a well-rounded human being, it is essential to travel--and the opportunity to travel as a student is a once in a lifetime experience, looking wide-eyed into the most marvelous kaleidoscope, only the kaleidoscope is the world."

Dr. Adam English, Professor of Religion