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2013 Alumni Ambassadors

The Ambassador Program is a one academic year commitment for alumni of study abroad programs to serve as ambassadors for the Office of Study Abroad. Ambassadors provide an essential resource for students, faculty, and staff. Ambasadors volunteer at public events, share their stories through written, verbal, and visual narrative, and welcome student questions and contact on issues regarding study abroad. 

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Brittney Jackson

Senior Healthcare Management Major
Summer 2013, "British Literature in Great Britain" Faculty-led Program
"I have always been infatuated with British accents, government, literature, and culture . . . My dreams were coming true!! We spent several days in London and those first couple of days consisted of me walking around looking all around with my mouth hanging wide open . . . STUDY ABROAD! See the world. Explore new cultures. Meet new people and love on them. Learn things about the world and yourself. Stretch yourself."
. . . to read Brittney's full memoir, click here!

Erin Overton

Junior English Major
Summer 2013, "British Literature in Great Britain" Faculty-led Program
"I had always thought I would be happy living as a simple country girl, that there was no way I could survive in the big city. But now I know that I can not only survive, but thrive, anywhere I want! I never would have realized my potential had it not been for this experience."
. . . to read Erin's full memoir, click here!

Erin Hughes

Senior Education Major
Spring 2013, Merida, Yucatan, Central College Abroad Semester-long Program

"Studying abroad was one of the most exciting, terrifying, and enlightening things I have ever done . . . It was a change learning while being submerged in the culture and I picked things up and understood things a lot better because I was able to really see and communicate with those around me. When my five amigas and me were not in class, we explored the city singing our theme song, "Maria, se fue" . . . We got to see the everyday for the locals, get down and dirty while farming and indulge in traditional foods . . . I made new friends that I will always share a special bond with and I learned things about myself that I never thought I would."

 . . . to read the rest of Erin's memoir, click here!


Jessica Inscore

Sophomore English Major
Summer 2013, "British Literature in Great Britain" Faculty-led Program
"I felt entirely at home while I was in Europe, but especially in London. There are a million stories I could tell you about my study abroad experience, but it won't mean much until you actually go for yourself."
. . . to read Jessica's full memoir, click here.

Laura Rion

Senior Pre-Law Political Science major
Summer 2013 Parliamentary Internship Program in London, England

"For a  Pre-Law Political Science major with an interest in International Law, this internship was beyond perfect.  The knowledge I gained from this experience is nothing I could have gotten in the States and is invaluable to me as I continue throughout my career plans.  Making the decision to study abroad is the best decision I made while in College."

. . . to read Laura's full memoir, click here!


Briana Smith

Junior Biology Pre-Physician's Assistant Major
Summer 2013, "Ecology & Spanish in Costa Rica" Faculty-led Program

. . . to read Briana's full memoir, click here!

Megan Russell

Junior Biology Major
Spring 2013, Quito, Ecuador - Full Semester Program + Internship

". . . I was able to connect with a program in a local hospital that sends out a mobile medical unit to different marginalized neighborhoods in the outskirts of Quito. I was able to help out with out with odd jobs and observe the doctor, who was constantly teaching me as she went. I even learned some minor medical procedures, such as dressing wounds and giving shots. On one occasion I was able to interpret for a medical brigade that came in from the States . . . I learned so much about the struggles, both medically and socially, of the area, and how it compares to the medical system here in the States. "

. . . to read Megan's full memoir, click here!


Amanda Evans

Junior History Pre-Law Major
Summer 2013, "British Literature in Great Britain" Faculty-led Program

"Before I left for our trip, I was nervous and was worried about being in a foreign city even if it was English speaking, but it did not take long for London to almost feel like home. A group of us even had a regular cafe down by St. Paul's by the time we left. We even knew the barista's name . . . After spending a month with a group of people, you grow rather close and gain a sense of independence going out on your own and exploring everything that place has to offer. I grew so much as a person on this trip and I came back with a different view of the world."

. . . to read Amanda's full memoir, click here!


Rachelle Fuller

Senior Biology Pre-Professional Major
Summer 2013, "Ecology & Spanish in Costa Rica" Faculty-led Program + Volunteer Program in a Costa Rican Hospital

. . . to read Rachelle's full bio, click here!


Claire Carrington

Sophomore Communications Studies Major
Summer 2013, "British Literature in Great Britain" Faculty-led Program

"We didn't know it yet, but we would share laughter over warm tea, heart-pounding anxiety about missing our next train, and memories that will last for the rest of our lives . . . I was actually photographed by a bus of tourists who thought they had caught a native in her natural habitat . . . I left a piece of my heart in Britain. Someday maybe I'll go retrieve it."

. . . to read Claire's full memoir, click here!


Rachel Craven

Senior Biology Major
Summer 2012, "Natural History in Hawaii" Faculty-led Program

"We hiked in the rain forests seeing plants that a human could never dream of on their own.  We snorkeled in a coral reef seeing things I could have only imagined.  We visited an uninhabited part of Kauai where I was able to eat sea creatures fresh off the coral reef, while learning of the people who had lived throughout these islands many years ago.  I saw water so blue and so clear that we could see the bottom of the ocean under over 40 feet of water. We even saw the volcano and heard the explosions from within it and were able to see the glow of the lava by night . . . Study abroad might be scary for some, I know it was for me, but don’t worry, don’t stress and most certainly don’t think that you can’t do it. "

. . . to read Rachel's full memoir, click here!


Justin Furlow

Junior History with Teaching Licensure Major & Spanish Minor
Summer 2013, Costa Rica Faculty-led Program

"I came back with plenty of memories that I can cherish and stories that I can tell, but I also came back a different person. When I left for Costa Rica, I did not know what to expect . . . I had misconceptions, from the cuisine to the people, but after my visit, I think it is safe to say that my attitude is much more open and that I am not as quick to form ideas about people or places without seeing them firsthand."

. . . to read the rest of Justin's memoir, click here.


Caroline Crank

Senior Accounting Major
Summer 2013, London, England, Central College Abroad Summer Internship Program

"It was such a growing experience for me and I definitely feel much more independent and confident than before I left . . . Study abroad has broadened my view on the world and gave me the "travel bug" that I never understood, but it totally exists! "

. . . to read the rest of Caroline's memoir, click here!


Megan Larsen

Senior Special Education Major
Summer 2013, Costa Rica Faculty-led Program + Volunteer Program




Olivia Henry

English Major
Summer 2013,  Great Britain Faculty-led Program

"The moment I keep going back to in my mind was the time I spent with Big Ben.  My first sighting of him seemed like a dream state at the time.  It was my first day in London, right after leaving the airport, and when my group exited the tube we came face to face with the base of the immense clock tower.  I gazed up in awe and my heart was beating so fast in my chest.  I couldn’t stop smiling, and I know I looked like the biggest tourist in the world, but this moment made me finally realize that I was here! I was living my dream!"

To read the rest of Olivia's memoir, click here!


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