2014 Ambassadors

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2014 Alumni Ambassadors

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Paige Kelly

Senior Graphic Design Major
Fall & Spring 2013/2014 Full Semester --- University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

"From galloping my Connemara pony across the beach and watching dolphins, to getting stuck on a rope bridge between two cliffs, to going off the beaten path of the mountains in the Scottish highlands, my study abroad experience gave me more precious memories than I can count"

. . . read Paige's full memoir HERE!

India Heckstall

Senior Political Science Major
Summer 2014 -- D.C. Internship Program, Washington, D.C. (USA)

"My DC experience was an eye opening one which brought me out of my quiet shell even more and now I feel more confident and willing to speak up on certain topics. In DC you cannot be a shy person but you have to make your presence known and living there for the summer helped me build my confidence so that people will know that YES I do exist and YES I do matter and YES my opinion counts."

. . . read India's full memoir HERE!

Nicholas Hammond

Junior Spanish Major
Fall & Spring 2013/2014 -- Nebrija University, Madrid, Spain

Carolynn Spadafino

Senior Economics Major
Spring 2014 Semester -- Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea

"I did so many other things, including visiting palaces, eating exotic foods (I now love seaweed), climbing mountains higher than I’ve ever climbed before, and haggling at the markets . . . I definitely recommend taking an extra month after your study abroad program ends to explore the country and continent more.  More than anything, just GO! Do it!"

. . . read Carolynn's full memoir HERE!

Logan Wilson

Sophomore Healthcare Management/MBA Program
Summer 2014, Faculty-led Program -- "Business in London" (England)

Grace Koo

Senior Management Major
Spring 2014 Semester -- Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea

"Although we were abroad in South Korea, I felt like I was also learning so much about French culture, German culture, Japanese culture, and much more.  From food to music to fashion, I am proud to say that I took a leap of faith that broadened my horizons and made me more confident in who I am today and the goals I have for my future."

. . . read Grace's full memoir, HERE!


Eric Grubb

Senior Religion Major
Summer 2013, Faculty-led Program -- "Faith, Art, & Culture in Italy"

Shanika Coleman

Sophomore Trust and Wealth Management Major
Summer 2014, Faculy-led Program -- "Business in London" (England)

"I found what I was searching for which was a completely different world than I was familiar with. London proved to me that anything is possible and the only limits are the ones that we set for ourselves . . . I am going confidently in the direction of my dreams."

. . . read Shanika's full memoir HERE!

Hannah Gooding

Sophomore Communication Studies: Public Relations Major
Summer 2014 -- Central College Abroad, Granada, Spain

"I was also thankful I went to Granada because when I visited Madrid, there were so many people who spoke English and they would never give me the opportunity to practice my Spanish.  It was so much easier to learn Spanish in a city where you have to get out and use it every day."

. . . read Hannah's full memoir HERE!

Jessica Inscore

Junior English Major
Summer 2013, Faculty-led Program --  "British Literature in Great Britain"
"I felt entirely at home while I was in Europe, but especially in London. There are a million stories I could tell you about my study abroad experience, but it won't mean much until you actually go for yourself."
. . . to read Jessica's full memoir, click here.

Justin Herring

Senior Business Major
Summer 2014, Faculty-led Program -- "Business in London" (England)

Briana Smith

Senior Biology Pre-Physician's Assistant Major
Summer 2013 Faculty-led Program --  "Ecology & Spanish in Costa Rica"

"My world was turned upside down, but in a very good way.  I was immediately brought into the world of my Tico family for the first two weeks of my trip, and then I went to a school where we were asked to speak mainly in Spanish while we were there. Throwing yourself into a new country really is the best way to learn the language of that country!"

. . . to read Briana's full memoir, click here!

Margaret Annunziata

Senior Economics Major
Spring 2014 Semester -- Musashi University, Tokyo, Japan

"Three of my best friends while in Japan I met at a place called the MCV or Multicultural Village where I worked to help the Japanese students with their English; they were overwhelmingly kind and fun to be around. It was interesting to talk to them about everything from movies and music, to politics (Japanese and western) I got to hear opinion and ideas I have never heard and that was something I will always appreciate from this experience. It opened my eyes and allowed me to take back memories and friendships that continue even now."

. . . to read Margaret's full memoir, click here!

Amanda Evans

Senior History Pre-Law Major
Summer 2013 Faculty-led Program -- "British Literature in Great Britain"

"Before I left for our trip, I was nervous and was worried about being in a foreign city even if it was English speaking, but it did not take long for London to almost feel like home . . . I grew so much as a person on this trip and I came back with a different view of the world."

. . . to read Amanda's full memoir, click here!

Sheel Shah

Sophomore Pre-Pharmacy Major
Summer 2014 -- NCSU "Global Healthcare in Belize"

"Words are not enough to describe how amazing this program was and how lucky I was to be able to experience everything. Belize it or not, if I could, I would return to Belize to do more medical mission work every year for a few weeks!"

. . . read Sheel's full memoir HERE!

Claire Carrington

Junior Communications Studies Major
Summer 2013 Faculty-led Program -- "British Literature in Great Britain"

"We didn't know it yet, but we would share laughter over warm tea, heart-pounding anxiety about missing our next train, and memories that will last for the rest of our lives . . . I left a piece of my heart in Britain. Someday maybe I'll go retrieve it."

. . . to read Claire's full memoir, click here!

Tiffany Vu

First Year Pharmacy Student
Summer 2014, Faculty-led Program + Independent World Traveling -- "Business in London" (England)

"I urge anyone who wants to learn and travel the world at the same time to do so! You aren’t guaranteed a tomorrow, or any year in the future. The time to travel is now! Step out of the mind set of “wishing you could travel, or wishing you could do what everyone else is doing”. Just do it! If there is a will, there is a way!"

. . . read Tiffany's full memoir HERE!