Student Stories


Meet our 2016 Student Ambassadors!

The Office of Study Abroad Alumni Ambassador Program recruits Campbell students who wish to share their study abroad experiences and encourage other students to study abroad. Ambassadors speak at student events and Visitation Days and welcome emails with questions about study abroad.

Alexis Weidner

Communications Major, Business Administration and German Minors
Spring 2016 --- Independent Program: German Language School in Frankfurt, Germany
What I wish I'd brought: A pre-downloaded map

Quote: "There is a whole world to explore and there’s no age limit when to do so. All it takes is a little push outside your comfort zone to introduce you into a whole new perspective of the world around you."

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Amy Flickinger

Summer 2016 --- Faculty-led Program: "Education and Culture in Costa Rica" 

Quote: "I had a phenomenal time and learned so much more than I could have even hoped to learn.  I loved exploring the country, speaking with the people, and basically feeling as if I were in my element regardless that I was in school... I will never regret the decision I made to take part in this journey."

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Auston Norton

Biology Pre-PA Major
Summer 2016 --- Faculty-led Program: "Ecology and Culture in Hawaii" 
What I wish I'd brought: A better rain jacket

Quote: "I am so grateful for my time there and for all of the friendships that I made that would have never happened if I didn’t study abroad.  I had never even been on an airplane before this trip, so flying across the world was a huge step out of my comfort zone.  After returning back home to North Carolina I definitely feel like my perspective of the world around me has changed because I got to see the culture and ecology of people and organisms on the other side of the world."

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Brianna Meyrick

Exercise Science Pre-OT Major, Psychology Minor
Summer 2016 --- Independent Program: Internship in London, UK
What I wish I'd brought: A going out purse

Quote: "In a few short weeks I learned more about the world than I did in a semester of class. Emerging myself into different cultures forced me to learn quickly. If I had the opportunity to go back again I would. I did not think I would have fallen in love with London until it was time to come back home and I could not imagine leaving."

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Brittany McDowell

Summer 2013 --- "Global Health & Physiology in Belize" (NC State)
Spring 2016 --- Faculty-led Program: "Public Health in Guatemala" (Campbell)

Quote: "I had the opportunity to study abroad with NC State as well as Campbell and could not have asked for a better time abroad with both groups... I would challenge students to study abroad. I guarantee you will learn more about yourself than where or what you decide to study, and it will be an experience that will be unforgettable!"

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Caroline Wilson

Communication Studies Major, Spanish Minor
Spring 2016 ---  Faculty-led Program: "Ecology and Culture in Hawaii"
What I wish I'd brought: Comfy fancy shoes

Quote: "No matter the length, location, or subject of your study abroad trip, the best thing you can do is keep an open mind be ready to learn whatever the trip has to teach you. I never could have imagined how much a three-week trip would impact my life, and I don’t think this memoir does it justice at all, so you’ll just have to go and experience it yourself!"

. . . read Caroline's full story HERE!

Jessica Inscore

English Major
Summer 2013 - Faculty-led Program: “British Literature in Great Britain”
What I wish I'd brought: A raincoat!

Quote: "The best memory I have of that was reading Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey”, which is an incredible poem about a decaying abbey in Wales. Then we got to spend hours exploring it and taking group photos on the ruins. We had lunch in a café on the premises and analyzed the poem on a bench literally yards away from Tintern Abbey. It was so overwhelmingly beautiful that several of us, including me, had tears in our eyes."

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Emily Stallings

Biology Pre-Med Major
Summer 2016 --- Independent Program: "Women & Innovation in Prague"
What I wish I'd brought: An overnight bag

Quote: "My time studying abroad taught me that I need to have more faith in myself and realize that I am capable of a lot more than I give myself credit for... Studying abroad has enriched my life in numerous ways, but more than that it has shown me how important it is to live a life that will inspire and motivate others."

. . . read Emily's full story HERE!

Isaac Christian

Psychology and Spanish Double Major
Spring 2016 --- Independent Program: Spanish in the Domincan Republic
What I wish I'd brought: A better camera

Quote: "After the classes we would go to a colmado, which is similar to a convenient store, and we would order emapanadas. Out of everything, these nights were my favorite because we really got to hang out together as a group from different parts of the United States and talk about life together."

. . . read Isaac's full story HERE!

Sarah Davis

Athletic Training Major
Summer 2016 --- Independent Program: Outdoor Pursuits Program in Wales

Quote: "It is hard to find the right words to explain the way a study abroad experience affects you as a person or the feeling it leaves you with once it is over. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is something no one will ever be able to take away from me. The friendships formed and skills learned are not comparable to anything I have found in typical college classroom... I have a greater sense of independence, strength, and confidence that I would not have gained otherwise."

. . . read Sarah's full story HERE!

Taylor Aljian

History and Christian Studies Pre-Law Double Major
Summer 2016 --- Faculty-led Program: "Crime and Cold War in Eastern Europe"

Quote: "During my trip, I learned a lot about myself, most importantly that I have more self-confidence and independence than I had ever known before. I gained many new Campbell friends, and solidified many of the friendships I already had. I will always cherish my experience abroad and am looking forward to in life the chance to travel again!"

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Lydia Tran

Kinesiology Major, Psychology Minor
Summer 2016 --- Faculty-led Program: "History of Psychology and Culture of Europe"
What I wish I'd brought: Warmer clothes!

Quote: "This program did a wonderful job tying in psychology related aspects and leisure activities together. I had the most incredible time with all the adventures I had abroad."

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